Ginny Pirro, Donald Trump, Russia discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show - Ep. 341 - The Media Say Trump Is The WORST EVER. Theyre Wrong.


And the same thing i would ask of ginny pirro or trump which is okay you know you think you're honest but why are you more honest than anybody else i guess the argument here's that they shouldn't be honest nobody should be honest in politics that we should live down to a worst expectation of politics if that's the case then we are on a fast road here we are on a fast road to to something quite terrible i do think that people revel in the in the dirty of it having people on our side both sides on such as ours i and then people on both sides rebel in the breaking the rules of it in the hardnosed of it as i talked about last week but i don't think that's a good thing i think that good people try to tailor the means they used the ends they seek to achieve they don't rebel in the means just because it's fun to use the means and i think that sort of where we're going with all this now getting is any of this mean that anything deeply nefarious was done no i mean again i not somebody who thinks that is good the donald trump did this ramp i'm failing to see the quid pro quo i don't see what the pro quo as i don't see how trump has paid off russia per se yet and so open to evidence but i haven't seen that i i don't know exactly even have the collusion was done during the campaign as i said last week there's a lot of talk about collusion but i don't know what that collusion looks like it looks a lot more to me like the media are trying to seize on talk of collusion and have been for six months now they have a bone they can actually not on an that's trump juniors falls and that's trump's fault and a main fat come out that trump was knowledgeable about this meeting in which case they should have been denied things right the coverup is always worse than the crime but.

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