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Buildings or free rent for businesses that were willing to invest in Camden. That's what he told me when I talked to him in 2019. There is not been a single person. That I have seen or read anywhere that with fact has suggested that what's going on in the resurgence in Camden, it's been going on over the last 7 years. Is anything but extraordinary and spectacular? But when Jeff pellets and I visited the waterfront, there was something missing in all the fancy development there. The people who actually live in the city. Oh, here comes the streetcar. Every ten minutes, an empty streetcar passes by. On the line meant to bring people down to the river. I didn't see a single. The median household income in America is more than $67,000 a year. In Camden, it's 28,000. That means half of all the households in Camden make less than that. Massive amounts of state and federal aid haven't done much for the residents of this city. And government entities, once owned much of the land on the waterfront, including the L three complex, the subject of the dispute between the norcross brothers and the nonprofit developer. In the letter I sent George and Phil norcross, I asked why they intervened in the L three deal. My name is Dan fee. With me is built in busy set as built. I had an hour long video call with his lawyers. In House counsel for Cooper. What cross was there? He didn't speak, and he three lawyers and two spokespeople didn't turn on their cameras. Attorney Michael Critchley did most of the talking. But they didn't want to talk about the L three deal. What we're talking about is if you're going to be fair, make sure you emphasize that you have no evidence whatsoever that George norcross at anything to do with the Sherman's murder investigation, that tragedy, that tragedy. And I don't want to get this to be adversary because if anyone even suggests intimates are infers, obliquely directly indirectly, that George New York cross was somehow involved. And John Sherwin's Joyce chardin's tragic death, the next letter you received for me as a litigation hold, notice. I had to look that up. It's when you get a letter saying you're about to be sued and you're legally required to keep documents. Suffice to say, they're not happy I'm talking about norcross. And they wanted me to agree to say on the podcast that I have no evidence that George norcross was involved in the Sheridan deaths. If you're not going to give me that commitment, I would recommend we terminate this proceeding. Other than that, it's just waste of time. I told them I would consider it, but without a promise, the meeting ended abruptly. I think we're finished. I mean, we clearly and I never got to ask my questions of George norcross. Thank you. Thank you. But fair enough, I'll say it. I don't have any evidence that George norcross had anything

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