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Welcome back to the funky sixteen corners. Radio show here on the face radio and it makes comeback players funky sixteen corners. I'm your host. Larry reminding you to keep your eyes peeled for new episode of food. Radio with vincent the sold shift this tuesday. Here it makes laura dot com slash funky sixteen corners of my show for wfan. Give the durham radio. Testify rosenheim ears every thursday afternoon from three to five pm eastern on. Give the drummer radio got. That started with a really nice track from a very interesting album. It doesn't get a lot of play. The terry nelson group and loves getting better on kama sutra from nineteen sixty eight from called sweet. Talk and terry which is really. It's kind of an unusual mix it's mostly written and produced by the people from the commerce sutra an buddha bubble gum factory that woman's written by by kenny kenny. Kenny laguna. i'll. I'll check it out the next break but Lots of interesting people writing on that album and a really unusual mix of styles. There's things there's a couple of rock things straight girl group things in a couple of things soul things including that loves getting better and it's not an expensive element all doesn't turn up a lot but it is not hard to find in. I recommended after that the mighty cermak rice and love sickness on stacks from nineteen sixty seven two cider. Their troy keys late of the high keys and love explosion on abc from nineteen sixty seven dion jackson. One of the great sweet sold bitch from the nineteen sixties. Love makes the world go. Round on carla from one thousand nine sixty five when close set with the all time favorite of mine the dixie hummingbirds and their version of love me like a rock the paul simon tune on which they sing backup on the original. But that's their version on the peacock label from nine hundred seventy four and it's a. It's a great one. I certainly like more than paul. Simon version and very very cool by. That'd be that we're going to get the next head. Start a little detroit. Soul the falcons and love love. Love.

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