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And I? Just want to say hi to everybody. There's Dennis Sheridan as Ri-, Shy Manahan. Oh familiar faces I'm so glad you guys are joining me. Here's a new one urban precious metals buyer. I. Don't know what that means, but. It's a it's a mouthful. That's for sure there's scraper. steelers Pittsburgh. Victory Asher. Wow, what a name that is! That sounds like a Sounds like a English football name I. Don't know much about that, but it sounds like. English premier soccer. Name. If it doesn't. I'm sorry I. Don't know much about soccer, but anyway. Today just like to As always share a my opinions on a number of topics. That mostly have to do with the steelers. Perhaps making the playoffs in twenty twenty and I know there's a lot of optimism that they might that they're make it. into the postseason this year after. Missing the last two years, but You. Just never know right I mean and lot of things that are going to discuss. Our are why they might not make the playoffs well. We're counting on Defense Big Ben injuries that sort of thing. If those things don't work out they might not make the playoffs for a third straight year and I personally think they are going to make the playoffs I personally think this could be one of their most complete football teams in a number of years. I mean. They have a very talented defensive. It looks like it's just hitting its stride. I mean last year. It's easy to forget that this offense was was considered a big question mark heading into last season. Right but then you know you had a Devin Bush to make you add Meka. Fitzpatrick Atta Steven Nelson to already existing group that included Tj what Cam Hayward. Steph to it onto and who was hurt last year, but you know Joe. Japan hardgrave took his place. He's now gone, but to be back this year, but debris. If I. Miss Anybody. I'm sorry, but but you know those two or three players specifically make if it's Patrick made that defense so much better so. if that defense anywhere near where it was last year, and you add big Bentham mix, and if big Ben's. Anywhere near what he was prior to his injury last year. then I think this is going to be a very good football team and you have. Jew returning and he's GonNa. He's going to be leading a a very talented. In my opinion, young receiving court has to question marks. Guys like James Washington Deontay Johnson who everybody's excited about Chase Klay Pool the the latest edition their second round draft. Pick out of Notre Dame soda. There's optimism there and there's optimism. With the with the ground game lead by by James, Connor and Benny Junior jalen Samuels Anthony Mcfarland your fourth round pick out of Maryland this year, so there's hope, and then of course, the tight end situation looks a lot better with Eric. Bryan, joining Vance McDonald, and then you have the. The offensive line which has question marks at right tackle. Zach Banner, and szucs core for going to be battling out for the right, tackle spot, and and and the plan for for twenty twenty s Matt Father to move for my tackle to left garbage. We've discussed that before, and hopefully if if banner in court for a core form story. hopefully if they if they rise to the occasion or funding, this guys writes the occasion when it's at right, tackle spot then. I think you have a chance of having a pretty good offensive blind again. You know Markey's pounds. He struggled last year. There's no question about that, but. We don't know if that's because of an injury or because he was missing band and you know who knows why he was. He struggled last year, but it wasn't one of his best years. But I think we you know we can. We should be able to expect him to return to close to his prime in twenty twenty hopefully so. Relative a young guy, he's coming into it whether it's eleven th year. So you know. Returns to form big Gal returns to form. He kinda struggled last year to Castro's. Probably the their their their best on the line now I would say him or filer at this point, so if again if somebody can can if they're offensive line return to form. And Ben is back to normal close to. It could really be a good team, but as I'm about to get into. There are a number of reasons why they couldn't miss the playoffs again. And the number one reason number one, but the first thing I'm going to talk about. Is that maybe? As good as they might be. Maybe there's so many teams in the league that are more complete than they are. And better than they are regardless of of how good their defenses and how how healthy Ben Rothlisberger is effective. He isn't twenty twenty. Sometimes you know it's a it's A. It's a sick Clo- league. It's a parody league and and. sometimes Other teams just pass you by. I mean look at the AFC champion. Thirty super bowl championships right there the. we finally looks like we finally got rid of the Patriots as the the Boogeyman for the steelers and other teams in the NFL, and and now the chiefs look like the the far and away the best team in the NFL led by Patrick Mahomes A. Former MVP and the reigning super bowl MVP the face elite. Designed a what five hundred million dollar contract for it and fifty million dollars something like that. Big, money. So? They're going to be a formidable foe for a long time they have. Probably the best offense in the NFL, so. You know they look like they're heading for the number one seed once again in the AFC, and of course the ravens through the two time. Defending AFC north champions, and it looks like they got a lot better in the off season the. Clare's Campbell They drafted Pat Pat. Patrick Queen linebacker out of lsu looks like a typical ravens draft pick. He fits a need perfectly for them They went out and drafted. JK Dobbins in the second round, running back out of Ohio. State a Lotta people. While the steelers fans thought that they should've picked him. They had a chance to and and they they pass him for clay poll so. You know they. They got a lot better than of course they have the rating. NFL MVP and Lamar Jackson returning. AN CO coming into his third season and you know his major strength obviously is running the football right I mean. He's proven that the The first two years in the NFL the only question about him is, can he? Kept up his game in the passing department you. Can they become a better passer? Can he add that? To his it. You know there's already you've already seen it. On some occasions I two years, but certainly not on a consistent basis, and certainly not at all in the playoffs I mean he's really struggled. He's really been exposed last two years in the playoffs. At Arabia's been one and done each year, but if he puts that..

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