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That was it for me. So i'm just saying. I like Commissioner essentially. i'm just telling you what i've heard. I think there's a lot of hurdles here. And i'm not saying it can't be three or four but i don't think it's gonna be to their Dennis thanks for coming on. We always appreciate it. Be well thanks. I appreciate it good stuff and some sobering conversation there about the future. We will take a break. We'll talk about the college world series a little bit later on. It's been quite a program. More of your phone calls right around the corner. You're listening to paul finebaum. Show podcast. We're back with phone. Calls and scott is calling next good afternoon scott. Hey paul It's called the a little way from sports but In nineteen around nineteen sixty nine. I believe was the year I was at memphis state and the to nicest people i met during my tenure there and the first people i met. Were your parents really Yes I believe you'd dad. Ben wasn't thomas right and your mother. Glory was from new york. Of course and and i was from new york and she was just infatuated by the point. me being from new york and What it was is. I had a fraternity brother. That was dating your sister. Pam oh my goodness and pam invited us over To your house and the girl. I happen to be dating. Her dad was in comet trail. So and i was from new york and They you know the conversation just went from there and i believe that time You were sitting there on the couch and was wondering what's this not doing coming from new york all the way to memphis state. That is unbelievable. That Mean i mean that's we're talking more than fifty years ago. I know i've been meaning to call you in Kind of mentioned it to you. I didn't know how you would take it. Oh my goodness. I am most interested in what my mother cooked I tell you the truth Seventy one now. My memory's not. But i do remember you being on the couch and vaguely your sister pam saying that she thought you were going to be the next howard cosell. Yeah she was five years older than me. And i was even at that age. I was pretty fascinated by sports. And you're right. Howard cosell was my hero at the time and Later met him and it was. I could barely speak but You maybe seventy your memory's pretty good. That's a so what happened. What happened after you left. memphis Well the girl. I was dating at the time She was from alabama so we moved albeit alabama. And i've been here ever since we're in alabama's actually him about it's fade alabama. Sure about forty five miles now tuscaloosa. I came up there to say it for to interview a guy that played basketball to junior college. There are many years ago. I know the town pretty well. Yeah i think he did a tour for a Chamber of commerce right. One time i did at the doing college. Yeah well that. That is really i mean. I can't tell you what i don't mean to you. Know get wax poetic here but I can't tell you what that means to me that Have my parents remember that way that that is truly remarkable. I mean i'm just saying the words. I mean from my heart. They were to nicest people and they just you. Mother just couldn't that somebody you know within the same house at the time was from new york. Yeah well. I don't remember but obviously it's pretty embedded in my book my dad and my and my mom and my sister were all from new york i was. I wasn't from new york. I was i was i was. I was from memphis but they were all so my mother. Whatever My sister would run into somebody at school or they were. The new yorkers had Had carte blanche at our house. Yeah let me ask something does memphis. Have you know the memphis state university of memphis. Now have a special place in your heart. Because i believe your mom was. Yeah no of course it does. Yeah because as as growing up. That was the school that we followed. Ultimately went to tennessee but My my favorite sports memories as a kid were memphis basketball and it was so interesting and the program got a lot better After that year but know coach marto came there. And i believe sixty nine or seventy. I can't remember what it was and You know took the team to the final four hundred the championship game three years later and i can still go through And we became very close friends later on when he was when he moved to birmingham. But i can. I can take you through every game of of those seasons Even now the gene borrow.

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