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Was moment last wednesday. When capitol police officer eugene goodman was all that stood between an angry mob and the floor of the united states senate the split-second decision he made has been hailed as heroic. he led them away giving security officers. Time to get senators staff and reporters to safety. Wrote senator bob. Casey his quick thinking and decisive action. That date likely saved lives and we owe him a debt of gratitude given the security failures and concern about. Next week's inauguration. Attention has been focused poor preparation officers. Who encouraged rioters. But mr goodman's act speaks to those dc. And capitol police who endured verbal abuse and physical attacks with wrenches pipes and fists to protect the capital. Those inside and american democracy to officers who served in the iraq war said this was scarier to them than their time in combat. The acting dc police chief told the washington post one black officer sat in the rotunda after the riot ended openly crying. I got called an n. Word fifteen times. Today he yelled to no one in particular buzzfeed news reported. Mr goodman standoff underlines the progress so sorely needed a former new york city cup told the bbc to see a black man being chased by someone carrying a confederate flag. There's something wrong with that picture. It just reeks of everything. We need to correct now. Today's stories are first story. The security failure of the capitol hill insurrection was a wakeup call. Suggesting that domestic threats to the government will need to be taken more seriously the ability of a mob to easily overrun defenses and riot in the halls of the us capital last week has caused elected officials and experts to worry about the security of the nation's seats of government in advance of president. Elect joe biden's inauguration on january twentieth. The assault was far from stealthy after all former fbi. special agent. michael. German says the violence was planned in public. It's unbelievable to me. That law enforcement defenses weren't better prepared and better sourced one problem was that intelligence agencies did not seem to take the threat seriously. Despite fast-growing stop the steel facebook groups in which members discussed storming the capital. Once they assault tactics may have been faulty. Police didn't have fallback positions or a mobile reserve to step into the breach d. Platforming is one defense. Twitter and facebook have banned president donald trump from twitter and facebook on grounds his communications. Our inflammatory the right oriented social media app parlor has been booted out by app stores and web hosting services but that may just drive people to darker places of the internet and make them harder to see says rene directa a researcher who studies the spread of malign narratives across social networks at the stanford internet observatory. This story. it was reported by story. Hinckley in.

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