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And be like. Well, my source energy like. Is being outdoors. It's a lot of times it includes running or hiking, or biking or swimming, like swimming alone is really fun for me, like just doing laps in the pool because I go reminds me into being a kid. 'cause identify him as a child and I go, oh yeah. Like I listen to music. I get a little Cup of coffee and I feel into the moment, but I don't know if I'm not certain if I could go to a beach by myself. Enjoy yourself in less. It was like surfing or something, then you for sure. That's actively funds related spectators because you're right, you go to beat out. Consider that more like relaxing unless I'm having fun fun at half to be surfing by myself. The film, the beach to be fun would have to be like, I'm going to be in. You know, Belise I'm I'm in an adventure at the beach instead of just like almond malleable myself that just like ice relaxing. Well, it's also it's also predicated by the fact that at some point, like I when I first met my both my trifle coach, I was in Malibu. I was in Palisades and I went down to Malibu and I was like, I'm gonna go out on the beach. Haven't been on the beach in a while down there, and I sat there and I was like gopher run and then spent, maybe I'll get in the water and I got in the water. And then I was like, Mamat kids coming home soon. I should be with them when they get home. I miss them. All right. I'm gonna go home. I think my fun level has dropped with kids when it comes so low kid fun. So like, no, what? Solo fun? Yeah, it's got to be like a purpose to it for me. Oh, interesting. My fun. My lately in New York has been like, like I get I get done. Oddly enough presses done always at like four in the afternoon. And then I have the bonfire six and my funds been going and getting oysters at that Osceola bar underneath the. As here's accent really getting voice tres. That's the question I was gonna ask, do you have fun eating a love eating? It is fun, especially when you get some interesting food sound like, oh, I would argue I enjoy ordering more than I enjoy eating. Yes, a love ordering. Do you have order something extra, you know, you're not gonna eat just because like them. At least we get a bite of that. At least we don't get a leave it on the table and say, we never fucking ordered it. Credit given to Kevin James on this. I call that a rodeo clown explained Kevin. James Ray Romano used to order a rodeo climate, Kevin James. So he'd order an extra thing so that whatever was the food was eating. The Kevin. James would get distracted by the one thing and they could get the good thing. He, I heard it on party of five. That's Ordine rodeo clowns. So I'd order a rodeo clown. Like I go, can I get? Let me get what I know. I should eat like I'm gonna get the salmon or the white fish or the one of the healthy meals. And then can we also get that that what's the best thing on the menu and the like Oma God the fucking scorch outta or whatever bullshit meal the hat. I go get us one of those, and then I'd be like we need to get one of those. And Judy, my manager would be like, we, let's get another one and I'd be like, fuck, yeah, you're right. That's a great idea to about the other one. Yes. I have a problem with ordering. I remember telling rogue one time I was like, I was like, he's like, how are you going to plan on losing weight and. I was like, I'm going to stop ordering appetizers, and he was like, what? Because in his mind that wouldn't do anything for him, but you, it's a major difference twice a day. When I'm going every meal for an appetizer, I would go in, we appetizers, man, we would do this thing when I was on travel channel, we call it. What the fuck will be call it? Yeah, we call it whatever we call it. It was when warm person ordered for everybody and knowing to say what they wanted, you just had..

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