University Of Oxford, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins University discussed on Wall Street Breakfast


Leading. Today's news vaccine euphoria that propel stocks to record highs is wearing off as traders focus on a surge in corona virus transmission rates in the us or deaths from the illness surpassed two hundred and fifty thousand. According to johns hopkins university. The number of fatalities has remained above thousand a day for eight of the past. Nine days a tally that was last seen in late. August sentiment was particularly dented. After new york city's shed schools and switch to fully remote learning for its students because of surging cases of covid nineteen us stock index futures fell point four percent overnight on the news after bouncing around the flat line for most of wednesday only to turn south in the final hour of trading chances of stimulus from washington are also dim as lawmakers remained deadlocked over the size of a corona virus aid package in other news. Some positive news was still seen overnight. After a jab from the university of oxford which is working in collaboration with astrazeneca shown to have generated a robust immune response and adults in their sixties and seventies preliminary results revealed that the vaccine chid o x one in nineteen prompted. What's known as a t. Cell response within fourteen days of the first dose as well as an antibody response within twenty eight days of a booster dose. We hope that this means our vaccine will help to protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society said dr mahachi ram asami a co author of the study at the university of oxford phase. Three trials of the vaccine are still ongoing with early. Efficacy readings possible in the coming weeks with pfizer and bio intech having concluded there phase three study of their covid nineteen vaccine candidate which showed a success rate of ninety five percent and no serious adverse events. The drug might be headed to securing evidence. Use approval next month. If all those well. I could imagine that we gain approval in the second half of cimber and start deliveries before christmas but really only if all goes positively bio intech ceo. You're signing told reuters. Tv storage and distribution is still complicated. Pfizer's vaccine must be.

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