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Third overall 2050 me spent two more years working out his game aa level university north dakota jaffar's else went two more years working on his stand of the western hockey we canadian junior team seattle thunderbirds tastes last year brazil got twogame drew the allders that's a really showed something one is nine gains you couvert as he scored four goals and this year again in a top two rookie scores right now and i shall hockey league cars l with another point tonight so a twopoint lead over bagged here's how hard left point in vancouver in high slot to ever leave acted on and round the wall he sends it near side the far propelling it right point plenty quickly turned it over to bear who springs besser over the line the pair gmo the left circle good long stick by an appellate freedom from the nearby really works it back the senate alexander now those crossice four julia who got it the line only see pelican intercept and he parred zell rightwing over the vancouver strike bars marcel dances way top of circle sacking of the two everley at the three hickeys onetimer from the slot and at got the flicked it behind the vancouver net glad trying to keep it in couldn't that connects take it and they'll start the counterattacked with under two minutes to go the second vancouver trailing by two connects bringing over the honor line here role at behind the new york net mayfield will beat daniel city to it but then give it away to cdm who battles with hickie in the far corner thomas linke outlets the anders lee at center got the red line left side sent that in deep chasing it behind his own net against john to there's suites it up.

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