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To your weather forecast for today look for a mix of clouds and sunshine it'll be breezy but the high we'll get into the mid50s around fifty four degrees but tuesday tie of clouds and sun breezy but much colder high of thirty nine and by wednesday partly sunny in a bit milder with high back up to forty nine degrees i'm brett bloom kamel wax news la la la yet la la la the at night what is this may have plucked what mothers look to radio anjouan gadget walter am sterling firmed and radio fanshawe hole session cable moment gene the lives of millions joined the walter and sterling club lung all right this is a night of radio legendary storytellers welcome home walter 'em sterling and i am live it's six minutes past the hour i'm live normally if i was on like an afternoon drive like a real talent i wouldn't say that i'm live because you would just assume that i'm on live because it's it's not an iheart station but it's my oh i'm wa i'm live on a sunday night now what else is on at this time there are best dubs the gold show and best of the mutual bond show or i love bitcoin those are the those are the other shows on and then on those cute little fm stations where they're saying this is that was where the bureau official your where.

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