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They're gonna start shooting never fails. It would always shoot like people always soon. So Twix biz the Catholic we had we at clubs that we're in like damn restaurants. Like, we wherever we could set up like we used to promote a club. Now. Youth group promoted a club. And always there was always a fight. There was always something. But it was just mad. It was like the time of our lives. Like, we just. It was just completely lawless until then just one time you went to the club. I mean, we was being so hard. We were sweating and the cloud. We went outside my homeboy is outside. What are you doing? Here is about shoots club up. I call my boys down to go. Just like, okay as it out failed the under eighteen under twenty one clubs in Vegas because you couldn't go on the strip like when you try to the us you off the streets. We made our own clubs, and it was always something getting shot up with out fail every weekend. We will run in from gunfires when I was in one of those. I think the only one we had is like it wasn't clubs seven two. But it was in that building like off lingo that. She's been like eighteen things. So it was in mayor that was like the eighteen hundred club we had. And then when that shit finally got shot up for like the team time they closed down and we had to go to hookah spots. So we used to go to like Zuza and hookah spots before who was really even big out here when it was still like dramatic Lega Dominican to do an shit and legit Middle Eastern people doing a hookah, but zoo's a had like this crazy dance floor, and they let eighteen and under and it was bananas doping and then they sell liquor, but they never carded. So even like me who really isn't into like smoking. I just went in there got drunk that that was the wave. But now like from growing up, it's crazy because I feel like Vegas has more that down south influence, so like when I came out here, I could get the joints our pop and down south, and you're like, okay, that's fire in New York. It was still such a bubble in the nineties and growing. Yup. The I wasn't really like dance into Luke when I was growing up at parties. Like it wasn't. It wasn't the wave to throw in like to live wrong. Look anything like that. So my join growing up was metro devante everyone falls in love. Jamaican what with everyone falls in love hits. The you'll those Ray gay parties shoutout to Macklin conception middle school high school. In New York. The Catholic school used to have the best dances. And might their cafeteria was pretty much entire basement. So the shit looked like the videos in every Jamaican move or every making salt it was banana like the pipes are exposed up top people hanging onto that swinging freaking girls off the polls in Jamaica, girls, doing the duchy one bananas..

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