Virgil Ortiz, El Spence, Michael Rivera discussed on SI Boxing with Chris Mannix


You know, Spence has been a welterweight his entire career Crawford obviously moved up from lightweight in one world titles at 35 and 40 before he got to a welterweight. So he hasn't been a welterweight for his whole career or anything, but you can't, you know, it's got to be hard for el Spence, particularly because he's made the mistake of blowing up and wait between fights. It can't be easy for a guy who's 32 going on 33 years old to make that weight. He's 5 9 and a half, 5, ten, whatever he is and, you know, it can't be easy at that point. So hopefully sooner than later, they would that fight would happen. Let's just hope they keep winning and at least there's the possibility of that fight because I would favor Ennis, of course, but a fascinating fight. Virgil Ortiz is a beast. Offense. A lot of offense out of Virgil Ortiz offense and skill out of Jerome and it's an unbelievable fight for both those guys. Credit to your point, credit Spencer, being able to make welterweight this long. Guy fought the Olympics at one 52. He's been at one 47 for his entire pro career. Yeah, I don't blame him at all for wanting to move up and wait. So I do think by the middle of next year, last quarter of next year, winner of Ortiz standing onis will be the full title holder there, boots will be a full-time IVF and then hopefully saner minds can prevail and we're not doing this all over again at welterweight. All right, let's finish with the fight you're at. Terrific fight. Frank Martin, Michael Rivera, two guys undefeated. Martin is what, 27, Michael Rivera is 24. They're both contenders. Surprised we're getting this fight. This is a great fight for people like you and me that watch these guys coming up. It doesn't have the broad mainstream appeal. It's the kind of fight that to borrow a bob arum phrase that promoters would let marinate under different circumstances. Let me ask us, why are they fighting? I don't want to, I'm not poo pooing it because I'm glad it's happening, but why are these two guys fighting right now at this stage of their career?

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