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And it's a question that's been posed by many smarter people than me and many, many decades of research and and and and investigation. And that is why does it keep happening at the level? It is There are a lot of historical reasons why Jews are target. Um And most of it is based on made up stories. So that others could take advantage of Mob mentality. The greatest made up stories include Oh gosh, the protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was formulated by Russian secret police in the early 19 hundreds. And that got printed up in various languages across the world and is still quoted by the nuts out there who want to raise trouble. Henry Ford was a big proponent of the protocols, and that basically suggested that Jews were plotting to take over the world. The others. What? Seven million of us in America? I don't think we're taking over the world. But that being said the other one is the blood libel. These are Horrible, horrible stories. That people are indoctrinated with, particularly in other countries. The blood libel is just Horrific to even think about that The Jews would, uh Murder Children of other faiths and use their blood to create Well to make the months of her pastor, and that's it. It's so insane on its face, and yet that's exactly the kind of Horrible ideology that's being taught in schools. Certainly in Saudi Arabia and other countries of that ilk. But the question is, what do we do about it here in America and Is it? Just talk on the part of Public officials and we heard some good talk today from the mayor from the D A. From the D. A. Rollins and others saying, We have to crack down and really make sure that these things were not going to prevent them that you can't prevent people from doing hateful and horrible things. But you can at least punished them to the fullest extent and and really Come down hard, Um, in the Winthrop story last week, Which Dan? I'm sure talked about. I'm almost sure he did that involved the death of the of the perp. The death of the gunman. And I say Bravo, that the brave Winthrop cop was able to take him down and prevent others from being killed. But in many cases, uh, these people are You know, apprehended and face some jail time. But do we really know if that's a way to rehabilitate these people? And how do we stop? Hate of this kind. We obviously haven't been able to do it for thousands of years. I don't think it'll disappear overnight, but it really takes a community. You, of course are familiar. Because you're smart group of people with The famous Lutheran pastor Martin the molars. Most famous expression or quote poem or whatever you want to call it. Um, that's been sort of bastardized by a lot of individuals changing certain text in the poetry, but it's It's really the most fitting thing first. You know, they came for the Socialists. I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unions. Unionists. I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews. And I was gonna ju Then they came for me and no one spoke up for me because I didn't speak up for anybody else. I paraphrase not very well. But that's the the essence of that, and it's I think, I think And please disagree with me and please come up with your own suggestions. I think the best way to eradicate some of this stuff or to at least Put a lid on it is to send the old sunshine. Ball in into action and light up the sky with with these haters and have all of us come together, joined hands symbolically, anyway. And say Enough is enough. And it was really nice to see. Members of the black community members of other ethnic groups coming together for that vigil today, this morning in the rain 24 hours after the attack, 617254 10 30 is the telephone number. Lots to talk about on nightside tonight, but we'll focus on this at least through the top of the hour. What do you do about anti Semitism about racial attack about all this kind of stuff that seems to be Building. And it seems to be gathering steam in many places in many parts of the country. And certainly around the world will continue right after this Jordan ricin for Dan Ray, you're listening tonight Side. Hi, Dan Nightside.

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