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McGuire President Biden names Vice President Kamila Harris to lead the response to the growing number of migrants along the border with Mexico. The best thing to do is to put someone When he or she speaks. They don't have to wonder about is that where the president is she speaks. She speaks for me. Don't have to check with me. She knows what she's doing. California Democratic Congressman Norma Torres was one of several House members a tour health and human services facility housing some 750 young people who cross the border into Texas. She says she too Cross the border when she was a child. When I look at their faces, I see myself, Dr Anthony Fauci says. More people are getting vaccinated against the Corona virus every day we get closer. And closer to that extraordinary degree of effectiveness, which we're seeing at the community level. Even so, about 55,000 people a day are still coming down with the virus in this country. When you're at that level, I don't think you can declare victory and say you've turned the corner. Medical officials are concerned states taking steps to relax, social distancing and other measures. Could touch off another surge. Air carriers, ending many pandemic restrictions a piece Jackie Quinn has the story. Southwest and several other airlines that had been keeping the middle seat open are now selling flights to full capacity. The only holdout is Delta, which has extended empty middle seats at least through April. 30th many airlines air, also bringing back snacks and drinks after halting cabin service last year to limit contact between flight attendants and Passengers and many of resume selling alcohol on flights depending on the distance. Although air travel is still down from 2019, the T S a says more than a million people have gone through checkpoints every day in the last two weeks. I'm Jackie Quinn. This is AP News. Young man is arrested after bringing weapons into an Atlanta grocery store at lot of police were called to a grocery store Wednesday afternoon after a heavily armed man entered the business and went into a bathroom. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. The manager of the Atlantic station public's called police Shortly after 1:30 P.m.. Officers observed the man leave the bathroom and detained him. The paper reports Police identified The man is 22 year old Rico Marley. He was carrying two long guns and three pistols, all of which were concealed. The incident came just two days after 10 people were killed at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. I Mike Rossia baseball pitchers have a rich history of doctoring the ball. Major League baseball's newly hired executive VP for operations and disciplinarian, My kill warrants, players and staffers against handling foreign substances advising A picture of how to use or otherwise mass the use of foreign substances. I'm to McGuire AP News When your entire life is online, you.

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