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He's dodger guy because he's a great interview and he always comes on and has something to say and that's it artist hell and has a he's a good executive and he's former giant executive and who knows maybe he's a future jennings let me ask you this and you know it's funny how i'm more about the championships are great obviously it was great that the giants one in ten and twelve and fourteen and for a lot of giants fans it's like they don't need anything more because they want and i totally get that but like when you say dodgers like i'm reading this article by dylan hernandez and the la times he is roasting the dodgers for days calling them dodgers need to end this pattern of underachieving and he basically says you know they've had iconic names like jackie robinson and fernando valenzuela sandy colfax and clayton kershaw and deo no and all these international sensations chan ho park and they've made so many great strides and but it says the dodgers story is a story of underachievement of the franchises last six world championships four one were one in an eleven year period from nineteen fifty five to nineteen sixty five and in the fiftythree years since they have only won twice and he just talks about how they've got iconic managers broadcasters the stadium the uniforms the hotdogs signature players but no titles that they basically fifteen other teams have won as many or more world series trophies and the dodgers since sixty five including ragtag this his words ragtag organizations like the royals twins and.

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