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The, the marvel cinematic universe as a whole the idea of the avengers, so that have him back now as we enter this next phase is kind of great, Kevin. Let's say that you Kevin Mahaney Deos suddenly freaky Friday with Kevin Feige, and you became the master of the marvel cinematic universe. You got to chart, the future direction of the MC you given where we leave everything in endgame, given the fact that we now have fantastic for an X men to play with the Disney. Arsenal. What is the future of the MC you look like under your Kevin Feige, freaky Friday supervision? So I would I would introduce a fantastic for as a almost almost cats in America, esque situation, where they actually came around in, like the seventies or eighties day, went to the negative zone have been gone for a long time. And so, that's what that would. That's an easy way to bring them back into current MC. You is to have them, you know arrive back after a ventures in the negative zone. I don't think we need another origin for the fantastic four just let's carry on day, exist, their family. Let's go, my personal thing. And this is my bias showing through a for these particular heroes. I would do so much with the X men. I like I love the expedite there. That's probably my favorite marvel group without question and sue have them appear in the coming up at some point that, that would be my thing I would really focus on, like how to bring in the accident how to bring it into the world that we've seen. Being established and how it would make sense. How do you how do you fit them into that? And I would probably do it as opposed Krantz sequence. At some point at probably the next I mean, I've al- I, I had originally wanted Infinity were endgame to end this way because. You know the, the, the, the emerging had in announced at the time, but I thought it would be really great if there's a big event happening and the post credit sequence is as the world is going nuts. You just cut to a mansion in Westchester, and you just see a person from the back in like a wheelchair you know. And he you just hear the sound, you know, the voice saying to me, my X men and then roll credits. Like, I think that works really well as a like a tease, the X men coming in, but that would be my focus because I am an expert envoy. What about you? Where would you take this future, what we're Josh thing, would you do? Well, first of all, I was gonna ask who from the twilight cast? Would you choose to play the fantastic four? Oh, well, I mean, you know skew a little bit older, but I would definitely I mean not that older but Robert Kerr, the what is the actor's name, who's gave me? But who plays Carlisle Cullen? I would definitely have as mister fantastic. I really liked that actor. He was in sooner girl, fat Tonelli. Thank you, Peter fats Anneli like put him up as as your mister fantastic. Or if you don't wanna go that route. Billy, Boyd or really putting Billie Burke as, as a as mister fantastic would also be pretty spectacular. Wow. He's come a long way since he tried to kill Kim Bauer back and season two twenty four. Right. Look, how far he's come so that the mountain lion. As a as, as the thing you don't need to really see this exercise all the way through Kevin. She says, I want them to be the Justice league. Yeah, that's right. You don't wanna you don't want to confuse anybody. I, I like your plan. I think I think that having fantastic for X men, which have had varying degrees of success, mostly no success in the form of the fantastic, four on screen. You know, it makes it a little interesting. Can, you know, does does marvel studios as the marvel cinematic universe is, they're just sort of like a magic touch there that will automatically get this, right? I don't know. I think that there's, there's a dark Phoenix just came out. I have not seen it. I have no interest in seeing it. And it did very poorly at the box office or the X men, a little bit poisoned at this point, who knows. So I don't know. I'll be very curious to see see where they take, I think, bringing X men and fantastic four in though, those are those are such kind of characters from the comic books and if done right. And there's so many reasons to think that the fight led marvel studios will get those things right? Because they really seem to understand the essence of these characters so well, that they, they now have some of the most iconic characters that they've never had access to even like doctor doom can be such a unifying force for the future of the galactic, you know, there's, there's so much there that could be really, really fun to play with that. I think. Even though it's really hard to imagine how marvel- could ever kind of top, the grandeur of end in what they built up to here in the quote unquote Infinity saga. I would not bet against marvel at this point. Yeah. Agreed. I think this would be amazing. But since I think marvel would one hundred percent just give us giant alien this man, as opposed to like cloud. At this point, marvel has built up enough that you know, once you have a tree man in Iraq record with a machine gun. Yeah. Giant, giant alien man is totally fine. And so I'm excited for stuff like that then really leading into the, the other aspects for those characters that we didn't get while they were in the hands of FOX getting getting the X men. They're colorful, costumes, for example, would be fantastic. You know. Well, guess not fantastic. It'd be amazing uncanny uncanny dream, you know, all of that. Bob Bob above. All right. Kevin, we spent more than an hour and a half talking about of Andersen stuff and this long as the movie, I know. And it's a movie that's been out for a very, very long time. And I think that we have used up all of our podcast space for for this round. But hopefully you are available for podcasting purposes. Again, in the not too distant future, but only if that is not at the expense of you, having some really amazing cool opportunity as well. So I just. On behalf of everybody who has very much missed you on the podcast. It was it was really fun. I get to talk to you all the time. But to, to get to talk to you in this space was a real the light for me. And hopefully a delight for for people to get to listen to as well. Yeah, I hope so. I hope by my my to fans of who, who have had previously are very excited him back. And I hope the new people are, are excited to hear me for the first time, yes, absolutely. All right. If you want to hear more from Kevin he is on Twitter. He is at Kev Mahaday oh, you're always tweeting up a storm, aren't you Kevin? I tweet every now and then I would say, you know, you can also find me doing some comic book published work these days in a couple of theologies, you can check them out. I've got a couple of launching a Kickstarter is launching soon. And I'm going to be in so definitely. Follow me on Twitter to keep an eye out for those, we would love any support that can be held a for them. So, yeah, thanks. Nice. Awesome. So comic with projects coming your way from from Kevin's, you'll get to, to, to read his, his, his. Thoughts in fictional format. I for one. I'm very excited to see all of that. We, we've got a lot going on here on post show. Recaps right now. And by a lot. I mean, a lot of big little lies action happening, and we FOX and I are podcasting about big little lies every single week our next episode probably gonna be a tiny bit late. In fact, the next couple may be a tiny bit late expect those on Tuesdays for the next two or potentially even three weeks. Just a little service advisory there. We've got the throne owners coming your way next week. The final game of thrones podcasts that we are going to be doing here on Potua recaps for the foreseeable future, as we bring not just season eight but the entire series in Orlando with our ridiculous award show that we do every game of thrones season. How did you feel about game of thrones? Kevin. No, no, no spoilers. Okay. Yeah. I thought it was an ending to a show that we've all been watching for about ten years. It was a version of this podcast, where it was going to be Kevin. I talking about game of thrones in spoiler effect ITO and frankly, I just can't. More at this point, same. I mean you've been doing it professionally, but, like I've had so many game of thrones conversations, I've sort of exhausted out. I, I mean I'm having listen. Listen everybody, I'm having to have a conversation with you Becky and thrones. And I'm gonna be thrilled to talk about it at the throne IRS. But then I, I need I need a vacation from west grows until until the spin off I need to I need to, to, to go to the to the summer isles and just, you know have a nice mock tail and, and not be bothered by the white walkers, and everything anymore or go beyond the wall. And hang out there, he's like a cold place behind the you early is a cool place. Yes. Very, very cold place. All right. Kevin will. Thank you for joining us here again on pusher. Recaps talking avengers. Endgame very late. But better late than never. We've got some stuff coming your way as mentioned subscribe to what we are doing. Post show. Recaps dot com slash I tunes or wherever you subscribe to podcasts over you. Listen to podcasts. We would love your ratings and reviews, honest, feedback always what, we're after positive review is always. Fantastic. But only if you mean it, if it's a negative review, you don't have to write it. You could just say it in your head. And just like never do anything with, that would be totally fine as well. We'll be back soon with some more. Podcasting in the not too distant future. Take everybody a by..

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