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You don't strike fear and anybody you cannot win that way. Might as well run the ball seriously. You might as well run the ball. Yeah, it's as opposed to throwing at 38 times. At least you might. You might pop one. But run the ball with Justin Fields and then create the threat of the run. And then when you have to play action that he could really let it rip 70 yards. Yeah, so the point One of the segment is. How did the rookie young quarterbacks look Justin Fields in his six plays, how many he played. He was two for two throwing touchdown. I think he's out there about what 5% whatever it was, and he scored a touchdown, and there was energy around him, just in dynamic energy. It was a good debut. Obviously, the Rams are so superior right now, because Matthew Stafford within and Sean McVeigh's system is just ridiculous. That uniform that he really looks good. It was like a prototypical tell you. That's it. Cooper Cup is a ball of Jefferson Had that big catch fell down Florida Nobody touched them. He'd go goes into scores a touchdown. They look good. Hey, you got a good tight end said this in the previous segment, the NFC West is going to be damn good man. Really, really damn good. Trey. Lance is probably in the best situation. Mainly because trade lands doesn't have to do anything for the San Francisco 49 years to be really good. Jimmy Garoppolo has been. He's been a good quarterback these last couple of years. The only issue is his health right, But when he's healthy, he can move the ball right and he's he's effective sufficient. He has a great command cause he's got. He's smart. He's a smart kid, and so they don't have to play. Trey Lance to feel viable, right? They don't They don't need this young kids Energy trade Lance's energy to be someone that people pay attention to, because they've got a good defense, a good running and great running game in a good quarterback and Jimmy Garoppolo. But what this does is allows trade lands, and I said there's a couple weeks ago Or maybe even last week. It allows trade lands to fit that Taysom Hill role and be dynamic like you come in. And like, Dude, what's his kid going to do? Is he going to run the ball? Are we getting an R P O here? What and he throws The touchdown passes first past five yard touchdown. And so it just gives Kyle Shanahan so many more options in critical situations. Whether it's third down or tight, Red Zone or fourth down, whatever it is, you have it. You have like this X factor that other teams can't muster because they don't have that kind of kid. I think Trey Lance is in the best situation. The 49 ers in a great situation. Because of how their team is is constructed. Really good defense. Good run game and two quarterbacks can play. All right. Just getting started. Give you a heads up What we have coming up next. Our Chad Pennington, former NFL quarterback stops by we'll get into the Oregon went over the Buckeyes. Buckeyes could easily be owned two. They took it on the chin in Columbus. And how about the Oregon Left that little rubber duck in midfield? How about that, huh? There run defenses. Bad dude, they organs good organs better than I thought. Forget guys are not nearly as good as I thought. Oh, Ibrahim Hooper, who ruptured as a killer as Achilles Achilles here in Minnesota. Yes, a lot of a killer's Achilles. But Minnesota is running back. Yes. He had 100 and 70 yards before he went out, and he went out pretty early in the game. CJ Verdell had 168 yards there Run defense and Ohio State is in trouble. Uh, can't disagree. No real issues on defense for the Iowa Hawkeyes, who I mean, I watched a lot of that game disappoint. Get in the cyclones, but Well mix in the college football next hour in bounds out of bounds as well. We'll get five star rewind coming up next after acts update A back in a word is a big Giants fan here in a word in a word. Give me your, um, overall assessment of the G men yet, like what you think moving forward of the Giants were based on what you saw yesterday. Your big Giants fan, would you say no. Oh, so we're going with grunts. And Greg don't even don't even merit a word. The expression is enough. That's you nailed that one act that was good. All right, Let's get the update for Mac, and they will do five Star Rewind a Monday staple here on the show will hit you with all the best sounds of week one around the NFL after accurate yous. CBS Sports Flag Guys. This report is sponsored by five hour energy, though one when you got to get stuff done, drinking in seconds field in minutes last for hours, taste great to five hour energy. The Raiders opened their second season in Las Vegas tonight when they host the Ravens. It'll be the first time they play at Allegiant Field in front of fans. The organization has missed the playoffs in 17 of the last 18 years. But Derek Carr still has high hopes for the future. I'm trying everything that I can on the field off field with eyes, looking without eyes, looking trying to do everything I can so that our fans and our organization Could have that ultimate celebration. And what a celebration that would be here in Vegas, right? But That's what keeps me going. Is that hunger and that desire The Ravens have major injury issues to open the season with 13 players on IR Lyons Corner. Jeffrey Coulda done for the season with a ruptured Achilles.

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