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Pretty challenging even today for some folks. I didn't actually realize that there is a sample of. nightclubbing room iggy pop, and it's just like when I was like researching the Alabama came across was like and I had had I also do say I went back and listen to put. I never realized that. Me Either And that was like wild and then like also just like it's so funny because like the lyrics of that song are just so like can feel so explicit and then he seems kind of like oblivious to that somehow because I feel like you know he's like, why does every one thing? This is like like a frat party anthem or like a stripper Kinda anthem or something like I, guess it gets played a lot and those kind of scenarios and I'm like you're talking about fucking. Yes you straight up saying it like. Back then I'm sure strippers didn't really have the SALZER straight of wow. My money like a full moneymaker Salt Lake. have. Gone back then. Cardi B.. Eileen. Yeah No but I mean in terms of just how how quote unquote vulgar or straightforward the song was it was kind of groundbreaking unit and you never heard something on the radio that was that straightforward with a line in the chorus. And also said in such a way that was. He was not like we were all saying he wasn't shy it was much like it was direct and again that's what was so. Unnerving in a way. Yeah I know I remember driving around with my mom had like a mix tape, honor the album I like turn it down or skip that song immediately I only want to deal. With them. Yeah. I. Mean I remember that they I. Mean. It's it's so amazing to think about. WHAT MTV in. Other channels and what they did remember that they can only play at a certain time of night video. premiered. It like one day during the day all hell broke loose that it became an evening and there was think like a moment of warning to get cares to turn it or whatever then they will play it and I was like. That's so crazy that we all had to wait like I wanna see that video and you'd have to wait 'til nighttime the light seeing a closer video. Yeah Our I remember that scene where he's like rotating and he's kind of levitating. Well. Yeah. I mean that the video is pretty iconic. Yeah and that's what I was just googling now to see I wanted to say it was was that a a Flurry..

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