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You know everybody loves sandwiches you start when you're young and you know it's a peanut butter and jelly or maybe just a peanut butter it's maybe a little butter on toast and it's it's kind of what we do and it just elevates through life and for me it ended up to like paninis and then pope boys you know been used to gets a lot of it today now as a panini guy via looked out your nose out a melt or case or is like panini at the top of the the heat hell no i mean anything br it's you know i'm not like a snob i don't eat montenegro with my pinkies up you know it's just it's a niche it's been good to me but you know what i mean i speak many languages you know and i i love all that stuff now you voted one of the best restaurants in alabama in two thousand fifteen what is alabama i'm thinking i think barbecue for alabama what else in alabama known for culinary wise well let me tell you we have two great seafood restaurants as well wanting the fair hope in the in the fly creek sunset point fantastic right on the bay kind of a collected gulf you know farmtotable we do snap or collar snapper throats crab meat balls tune in nachos bouillabaisse amazing shrimp here and then we all took over a great brand that were kinda kinda restoring is ed seafood shed which is on the causeway so it's not a road in between eastern shore mobile bay in the city of mobile so we're i'm staying in the office right now looking out a window due south i'm right here in kind of this marshland swamp we got fish flounder we got red fish you get out in the.

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