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First news on Chris Miller on your weather station WWL a enough of cloudy tonight showers late overall the weekend not too bad it's going to be a warmer start to the day on Saturday before a cold front moves through temperatures in the low seventies and then quickly dropping into the low sixties throughout the day breezy about a fifty percent chance for some morning showers on Saturday Sunday lows in the forties and an afternoon high Sunday afternoon with sunny skies around sixty three local weather expert WWL TV chief meteorologist Chris Franklin will be back with us pinpoint forecast another Louisiana resident has died from vaping related illness the second one this week reported by state health officials we hear more from WWL T. B.'s Karen Swenson they haven't released any information about the patient however health officials did say thirty others have suffered vaping related illnesses and they believe the common thread is a combination of nicotine and T. H. C. the main ingredient in marijuana the scope of Monday's ransomware attack on the state of Louisiana's computer system starting to come into focus is details about just how many devices had to be white were share today's joint budget committee meeting deputy chief information officer Neal Underwood said no personal data was compromise but a lot of devices had to be white and restored we have approximately five thousand servers in our enterprise that we actively run every day the impact was to about ten percent of that is in our infrastructure LSU is a six touchdown favored over Arkansas tomorrow night death valley of the vin number one the past couple of weeks the Tigers know they've got a target on their back in the Razorbacks in the midst of a bad season and now that interim coach wanna make a statement it played a very after that it's on Friday after thanksgiving I think they look at it as a two game season wipe away what happened in the previous tenant and see if they can't win a game WW well dot com LSU columnist Jeff Palermo says no matter how motivated Arkansas is it will probably take a miracle for them to win at Tiger Stadium tomorrow and then Ellis you win locks up the SEC west in a trip to Atlanta for the SEC championship game in December this Sunday the same host another divisional foe the Caroline Panthers at five and five the Panthers are number two in the division and fighting to increase their standing in the playoff hunt W. wells voice of the same exact street says the saints will try and make the Panthers best player a non factor to be all about are we take out you know Christian McCaffrey how do we eliminate him from the game plan and then put some pressure on time allowing portion to make big plays for that offense to be successful the saints are nine and a half point favorite now the forecast from your local weather Rexburg WWL TV chief meteorologist Chris right it was a warmer day today and more humid they really feel very fall like at all but the fall weather is returning for tomorrow first though this evening mostly cloudy skies with some late showers overnight temperatures in the sixties we start off the day with some scattered rain on Saturday with temperatures in the low seventies but dropping into the low sixties what's a cold front moves through sometime mid day will start off the morning on Sunday in the forties with an afternoon high of sixty three under sunny skies forties to start Monday high of sixty seven with plenty of sunshine warmer more humid highs in the mid seventies with a chance for some showers Tuesday as a front moves into the area unfortunately it looks like this front is going to stall keeping us warm and muggy and mostly cloudy through thanksgiving from your weather expert forecast center I'm Deborah guilty the chief meteorologist Chris Franklin I'm Chris Miller W. W. well first news from W. W. well the news talk sports judge of the golf self page the all state Sugar Bowl prep.

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