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Cash to get there there are travel funds available but what are limited for people of Color <hes> so this is how people were responding. We Texans don't want you here and will not the mannequins we believe in self defense and we support our ice officers one hundred ten percent hundred ten better think twice because Texas isn't Portland. I Love Texas. You Might WanNa rethink this. It's pretty pretty ridiculous so they'll be here. I think it's August first speaker timber. I speaking about people picking on the little man and I think we're probably going to have to end out with this one but but but this this is this is humorous but it's also very sad which is how I like to end. Thanks so nice. This is this is real. This is real so I clicked on it to read about it because the like that can't be real. No it's real Washington. Post great establishment during a ten year old threw a ball at a classmate estimate now he is charged with aggravated assault dodgeball dodgeball I._U.. Syria Israel Israel so apparently this ten neuro- kid in dodgeball threw. The ball hit the other kid in the face. That's how that's what you call a true out unease contact story. That's what you call a true <unk> out well now lawyers. I'm assuming of the parents of the boy that got hit feel as though because you know they got got kill camera 'cause there's cameras everywhere in the jail you sure enough this ten year old in fact grabbed ball and threw it and hit this other kid in the face video evidence that's him they got him dead to rights she she and they feel as though now obviously they can't sue the kid but they're trying to sue the parents as saying he had been bullying. Is there any like backstory any contact so it's a salt salt. No no I'm saying I'm saying has been blamed him all year charging him just like I a grown adult walk around in the mall and I put appoint somebody in the face I would I would get charged with assault. Then there must be Portland. They can't go after the kid right everybody realizes is you're trying to get money out of the parents. That's what that's what is happening here. That's where we're at so that's humorous and people were like Oh my God that is ridiculous ridiculous but it's also very sad participation because this ten year old that got hit in the face he didn't come up with this idea. The parents idea took him up with the suing ten year old so that's the society that we're in. I always like to look at the true undertone of the stories. The undertone of the stories is the kid who got hits. Parents are such pathetic excuses for human beings <hes> they don't take their son outside and teach him how to be a better dodgeball player. I'm I'm assuming it was a he. It just says tenure. They don't take them outside to learn. Hey sometimes in sports you get hurt. You know Blah Blah. They go no child boy or girl you should sue and get money out of people because you lost in dodgeball. Make sense like that's America. Today is the exact person that the Democrats are trying to get there. If you WANNA know who's voting for Democrats those parents idea is exactly who's voting ladies and gentlemen that is all we have for this episode of the Dear America podcast the second round the dim A._M.. Debate is tonight. Pay Attention listen. It's important everything that's going on. It's absolutely vital for you guys to listen to this but that is all we have for this episode. We hope you enjoyed the recap version of dear America Hashtag dear America. Let us know what you think. Do you like these recaps. Do you want us to do it more often. I kind gotta enjoy it because it's actual things. I like doing two episodes a week now because we have the ability to respond to things that are going on so Hashtag dear America. Let us know if you like these recap events Eliza real quick. Where can they find you unless the Allen on instagram and Elissa Allen official on facebook Jay on Instagram Graham producer underscore jake and I am Graham Allen? You can find me pretty much and where thank you guys for listening. <hes>.

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Graham Allen, America, Assault discussed on Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast

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