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Twenty seventeen early NFL final Saturday, the New York Knicks lost to the Sacramento Kings one zero two ninety four news and analysis at townhall dot com. We know how much you value your child's education. We also know how hard it can be to balance the importance of that education with the cost. That's why are half price to wishes are back. The answer. San Diego is again, partnering with top quality private schools to offer half price tuition for the fall semester. Mar- you can give your child an excellent academic and arts education in a supportive private school environment for half the regular price. Simply log onto the answer sandiego dot com for the complete list of schools. There are tuitions for preschool to high school oh at half off. When you find the school you like give us a call at eight four four eight hundred five seven five seven when you call. You can put the half price tuition on your credit card. It's that easy. Then your child will be set for the fall semester in a great private school for half the regular tuition. Call eight four four eight hundred five seven five seven for all the details or log onto the answer. San Diego dot com. That's the answer sandiego dot com. Need a break from the sound bites from the talking heads. Do you want information? You can actually use information that'll change your life for the better. Been listening to the Dell Wamsley radio show della show, you how to retire in two to five years your age doesn't matter. Turn off the pundits and turn on the passive income. Tune into the dealt Walmsley radio show, Adele, Wamsley radio show, weekdays at seven PM on the San Diego. There's a lot going on right now and broadcasters are on the ground covering all of it bringing you the weather the traffic and breaking news all well entertaining. You twenty four hours a day someone needs to tell you what's going on around the world, and in our hometowns, and that someone is us. We are free radio. We are always there. We are broadcasters. Visit we are broadcasters dot com or text radio to five two eight eight six to learn more. Furnished by Hindi and this.

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