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Isn't it weird that like we're seeing goals by Sturge a while back while that Greece Italy, like isn't like both careers were kinda thought were like kind of like on the done. Latter half. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, it's super weird seeing them. What's it called scoring again and the James Milner with the penalty? Correct. James builder who's ageless like he's just a, he may be father time. I don't know and dominant performance by him in the midfield PSE coming back of muter. The Bobby to now has I believe I saw Twitter, eleven goals at the age of nineteen in the Champions League, which is fucking unreal, your heads zero and messy only had two at the same age. I think that was the tweet like that's Razi. And then for media with the stoppage time goal, which is when I arrived at the Victoria free house interview the head of the report, Philly, which is just mad, people were going. Absolutely. I walked in when he scored the goal when I was like, and I was like, I showed up at the right time. We should so. So what are your thoughts on the game? PS g. PS djing is like, is this PSE again? Like peak PS g. I mean, basically liver pos-. I mean, obviously this year and last year is not a team to be taken lightly, and I don't think any any team really expected Liverpool to be this dominating against PSE from the start of the game, like Liverpool would just look dangerous going forward. And I think it's interesting that claw plays stirs like what the fuck storage. It reminds me how much I hate Sturges stupid. Dan celebration every time he scores because unlike why do I hate you? Oh yeah, you do that bullshit. But yeah, I think liberal definitely deserved to win this game, but I will will. I do have one knock on Liverpool. This this game Muhammed salon looked out of place like he did not look good at all in that game, and he didn't look great against Tottenham either. So I think that a lot of people are not going to like this and. Don't want to believe this, but I think Salah is having his own little mini hangover, like the man is not the same fiery squirrel. The time sa- law that he was last year I expected that we all kind of expect that, but I want I wanna see Salal step up and get back to that scorn ways because if he does anyone can touch liberal. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing they beat PSE. It's so why wasn't good. So that should be worrisome for everyone around Europe. Do you see what I'm saying on? You cut out a little bit. Can you give me a quick Rica? Oh, I just said, like, if so, why is it playing? Well in Liverpool was still dominant in everyone in Europe should be really worried. Absolutely. Absolutely. Like it's a knock on Liverpool, but at the same time it should be a warning to every single other team, and it's not like Liverpool played damn bread Star Belgrade they played PS g. and to that point, I. Off for menu, pulling a name or on name or was the most wholesome thing that I've seen this week. I was just so fucking happy that for me, just Joop name or out of his socks and the other two. That was a. That was Monday. Oh, sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Monay Puna name on neymar. Sorry, I got names confused, but the rest of the match name neymar look pathetic. Like like, fuck him. Can I just say that fuck name or he looks like a crybaby. He doesn't help on defense. He'll have like one or two great phenomenal runs during the game, but man, his attitude sucks. Dude. I hated. I think his stock is dropping quickly. Can I say that? Oh yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, he's still a top talent and he has the skill. But I mean, I'm just like I used to love neymar, but I think the World Cup this recently. He's just like, I don't know..

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