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I'll see labar Tech's and sometimes just in little flashes, man. That's a lot to deal with you could bottle it up, and when they go out there and look at Cam at two hundred sixty pounds and all the things he can do. And they look over at that little skinny dude that they. And his man and cams arm and his ability to throw it down feel with accuracy and velocity not all the time after see but with with some accuracy and a lot of Lassie out. I don't think you get that from the Marge accident. So I think Cam is going to be a reminder dinosaur, and we didn't draft a dinosaur. They didn't need the Marge Jackson in indifferent build. He certainly not a Cam Newton. But we haven't found another guy liked it. The comparison to Cam new early was maybe looks like a young men Rosberg he's passed and in terms of his f-, lettuces them and the way that he plays. The game unique talent unique play make Lamar Jackson Arkansas still like him. I think he fits in that offense at Baltimore. He's not going to be Cam Newton. Cam Newton six foot five to sixty five. He's never going to be that guy. So you have to have what what they have is what they have. And and I really believe, you know, talking to to that was my hall of fame. Ozzie Ozzie Newsome Ozzie Newsome loves him. I asked him about it. And I drafted him. He should not necessarily not necessarily your. I y oh that's why you ain't never been maybe. Your. I remember marriage. Let's move to another big story right here in Los Angeles. Where the Packers will be the biggest underdogs of Aaron Rodgers era when they take on the ram Sunday while the Rams have been near perfect this year. The Packers have been very uneven with rod is playing through an ankle injury. I don't think Green Bay has much of a chance Sunday. I don't have a problem with a nine and a half point line. I I don't see this as disrespectful at all. That nearly double digit line. I think the Packers are going to have real trouble staying within seventeen twenty points of the Los Angeles. Rams. Yeah. Not disrespectful at all. Think about it. You gotta compromise air Rogers, some people Jay Glazer saying shouldn't even be out there in the first place, and then you're gonna walk into the Coliseum and you're gonna face that defense, especially that defense align right in the way that they get after the quarterback. We just saw Aaron Donald go. For four sacks career-high. He's filling themselves then you're in a situation where office is gonna put up thirty points. Minimum like this to be fun. And we used to walk in. We used to play the coach. Wchs and impede many. And we see you know, before the game starts fifteen minutes on the clock zero zero they lie pay Noriega, fourteen Wayne. They go score some points and the Rams will score points. What does that going to do? Aaron Rodgers make them have to throw the football earlier and more often that is a recipe for disaster against that defense. Align is going to be a problem to two things that elite teams have in this game right now you have to be able to run the football. When you want to run you have to be to play defense degree pack is can do neither one right now. They're just one man show their Aaron Rogers and Rogers says to do everything and facing a ramp team to defensively can get after you up from without having a pressure. It's going to be tough for them to generate enough points and defensively. I just don't know how you slow down tug early in the weapons that they have on the outside. I believe the line said appropriately, I believe this is a double digit win for the Rams. As the ram Bassett here. First of all the Packers are bad football team. They really are. They are one dimensional without Aaron Rodgers this three and thirteen football team. We know that I'm the Packer fans may not like it. But it's true. We have Todd Gurley possibly MVP. We have dared pasta MVP we have Amazon defense. We have so many different ways to beat. You. Look to me the points. Reading big enough, you'll get three points for being at home. So really like a six point underdog. But to me, the Rams have just so many weapons to beat you with their going to score and to pack that.

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