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Got so happy about it that's all that hot but you do the math i don't need to do math around that area thank you and other news the raiders are very confident they will replace jack del rio they let go on after sunday's week 17th finale with john gruden the ownership that according to rap sheet and as gregg said i can't remember greg if he said of the beginning today show our before we start start rolling so i'll just add a quote from gruden my understanding is that they're interviewing candidates this week and they're going to let everybody know sometimes sometime early next week or whenever they make their decision i am being considered yes i hope i am a candidate did you say that before the show or during this before we start how good gruden senate yeah yeah gird okay but it's not allay hope cd relay debt accounts brag they they ethnic arteta that's all chirad of interviewing coaches and terada he's not the guy meanwhile john gerns going to be announcing a game this weekend including his old buddy andy reid who is going to likely be coaching against next year in the afc west greg is very concerned about that i ask about that too it's very concerned about gruden announcing this game on the we can i don't think it's a big deal but now i mean he's still clip yet and if it doesn't flitted genre at any russian ray i see great example errant that everyone's going to pretend that this all has an already happened at center hasn't it's like just pay the rooney rule fine that's an option you don't have to go through this oh yeah i feel it's really though incredible because every year jon gruden rumors fly and this is finally one that's actually real although ian ian rappaport noted that there was a moment last year were john gruden peyton manning and jim irsay were on a plane and they thought when that plane landed there was going to be an agreement where peyton manning was the general manager the colts in john bruton was the coach and he backed out of that.

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