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I think i've always wanted to josh late. It's it's all bite relationships and it's all bite belding those relationships with the students with the kids on trying to get them to see something exciting and just seeing that light bulb moment of something clicking as just the reason that you totally hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of set. Lusting bruce your podcast. All about bruce springsteen his music and mostly is fans. I am your host jesse jackson and we are doing another time. He y me episode where it is my morning and it is my guest afternoon. Lee forbes's joining me. But he is logged in via his wife's Of account so. I'm going to try very hard not to call him. Hannah as we are talking lee. Welcome to the welcome. You the show thank you. Jessie delays here. And i have been cold much worse things probably on my team. So if he told me it's totally fine. Well with my voice. I am called. Ma'am all the time on the phone. He think i'm always on in fact. I can very easily call into a company i hope. No one's listening and pretend to be my wife. Hi this is linda and you know well. That's great well lee. Tell so about yourself who I from northern ireland's. I'm thirty years old and high school. English teacher I suppose if we wanna take it right bike. I grew up in a small rural village. when i mean sort of rural village in small community i mean there was like one primary school to show church a pub on that was the height of it as and jesse So very much of small rural community on just working class people my on your elementary school. Like how many people may have been in your class. Oh like we would have had maybe twenty twenty five most young and that was sort of even people not just from the village about people coming in as an i think minds was sort of almost like a bumper year grip in terms of big numbers. So yeah quite small. And that respects My mum had been like a chinese care assistant so she had for a number of years Might odd was just sort of a builder. Lieber has and And they you know certainly wanted the best for me in terms of application and stuff like that From thanks they stay together until i was h seven and then they separated but i still had A really close relationship with my dad and would see him weekly and things on. What have you So i stayed in skill until i was eating then. I went to study at the at queens university in belfast account. So belfast is a bite a nar from where i live I'm neuen a a timeline. As or the town of korean Enunciates an art from belfast or Half an hour from like the giant's causeway that people might know of as one of the seven wonders of the world. And so on. So i went there and i studied english and theology. One had finished in that. I did my teaching course. The dan certified me as being able to teach. and so. I've been doing that night. For seven years. why teaching..

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