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Around the week girl but it just seems I get it if if the age thing comes into play and she decides you know what we've been together for awhile and it wasn't as bad as it is now since you know we're aging together and he's aging a lot more than I am. That's one thing but then to go out and say he's cheap and now that that's one of these cases where if this happened in your neighborhood on facebook you'd be calling this couple white trash but it's rich and famous couple right and so it's just T- and say he's not saying anything so far so I hate to throw him in that but if she went on facebook living down the street from you talking about things like this you'd be like redneck. You're exactly because she looks terrible when she starts bringing other things into play in other than which you start talking about money. He doesn't spend money on me. That makes her look bad and a lot of women. Because you know I've noticed I don't know if anybody else has a Lotta Times. Women are competitive with each other. No in a lot of women may look at that and go. Well you know. He's got money but the fact that he's not spending it on you means that he'd unbeliev. You're worth yeah. So the right woman comes along he would feel like she's worth it to spend money. I can hear woman saying that I guess your fault honey. If I were him the first thing I would do is given a lavish gift to the next woman. Here's Al Pacino. And his new girlfriend putting up in our brand new Maserati I would write interface. Never comment on it just just swamp her with beautiful gifts that people see up. How many women would love to be bought flowers all the time? Yeah I A lot. He only bought me flowers. Well he then bring you flowers anymore. he will love Song You will good luck to him. Hats off to them out there. All our best I think Al Pacino is going to be fine We have A story that needs to be related to all of us about the two biggest hastened. 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The question is which one's more insulting that's entertaining guarantee they're both insulting Okay Yesterday was a huge day on the show Ace announced that He had gotten down on one knee in New York City and proposed to his longtime girlfriend. Amanda she said Yes then helped him up accurate so it was all the talk of Of of the country history and the biggest talk was between Regan's mom and dad did they hear it or they just heard it in. They had so many other questions about it. My mom heard it. My Dad had just flown in from. He was in Los Angeles for a couple of days so they were in the car together for some reason maybe get lunch and they call while my mom calls and as soon as I picked I go hello and I hear my dad and put it on speaker man. Put It on speaker. I don't like talking on Speaker Speaker Nance so. They put me on Speaker. After fumbling with their Bluetooth which is another five minutes finally get connected. Hey Hey Hey. Hey what are you doing? What are you doing nothing? I'm just hanging out? Your mom told me as got engaged by. Yeah had they were in New York? They got engaged. It's true yeah yeah I didn't say anything. I guess. He was looking to expand. I didn't say anything. Yeah so yeah. They got engaged. Yeah Yeah they live. Together right yeah. Yep Yep Yep all right okay. Good he happy. He's happy I think so. Yeah I would imagine these pretty happy. Yeah absolutely absolutely I mean. This is literally the conflict absolutely that absolutely and my mom and what about SAS? What about her? She broke up with her boyfriend right now. And Yeah Yeah because what happened. I I don't know mom they. It wasn't working out and they they broke up. Oh God this is it for her. Things are ruined my dad. What I don't what do you want to know? Dad No nothing nothing. I'm Joe I'm listening okay. You're chiming in every two seconds. Guttural sound okay so good I was just curious about. Ace was like why? Don't you call him and we can expedite this process. I'll give you a phone number. He probably won't listen very wrapped up in the show. Now and it's because my mom listens. My Dad's always travel so she released the stories to him. He's not confident about the details. So then he wants confirmation for me so they asked about setting they ask about all the all the time. Yeah we are Her new all my children absolutely. Isn't that the soap that she loved? Who's all my children? Yeah but he is of the belief that she's not necessarily relaying the information to him correctly yes so they get the car to get things like. Let's just call them and then she calls me and then he gets upset. That's not on speaker. She complains that she doesn't like talking on speakerphone. For whatever reason and then it's just bickering and then I tried to answer their questions so but told him was. Hey if you didn't hear as announced on the radio that he got engaged and he thinks that information may be incorrect. Yeah but would he ever say get him get him on the horn or get him on the blower hard give them. Yeah give them a shout get him on the horn absolutely. They're our biggest fans. It's adorable but after the show's have I don't know. Do you guys want to sit around and talk about the show with other people? My head is POW. Would with your painter Gazon Yeah. I would absolutely conduct coming up on now. Trending with Regan's man. People are disturbed this morning talk recounting some childhood trauma and it's the top turning item on twitter this morning. We'll get to it in less than ten minutes. And now Trenton. When you WANNA do anytime remember you can stream the Tj show replay all day every weekday after the show or download the show with the TJ show on demand stay connected funny on the ACC TJ APP available at itunes play.

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