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Your vehicle and her home outside of liberty president trump tweeted today to US troops I have your back he was responding to the fired secretary of the navy would said president trump's actions involving a navy seal accused of misconduct the thing that others could get away with now former navy secretary Richard Spencer was forced out of his job over the weekend in a resignation letter to president trump Spencer suggests that his departure was tied to a controversial case involving a navy seal Spencer wrote I no longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief I cannot in good conscience obey in order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took the president is also wanted many of his pardon super servicemen rather to join him on his campaign tower the Pentagon's not real thrilled with that idea either well oops somebody in the Texas Republican Party accidentally emailed the parties twenty twenty strategy to none other than several key Democrats that Texas Democrats know what they're up against in next year's election the drive includes plans to attack democratic websites all highlights a diverse city of Republican candidates Republicans are concerned that traditional GOP voters who don't like president trump will simply not show up to vote Texas a and M. is home of the George H. W. presidential library and next week it got a special dedication they'll dedicate their newest statue one of solely the late former presidents service dogs so we will even be on hand for the dedication he's in good company to reveille will be there as well Texas a and M. as border collie now stop mascot as well as former president George W. bush Sally still around and doing well he's already back in service with another American veteran quick check of your money on Wall Street the Dow it's up thirty points breaking news on the hour at the half anytime at.

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