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Dhabi share somewhere in dhabi chairman. Drive ins houghton towers and Believe inau albouy is have you. Is there an remember is hyping this behind the scenes year and the whole weekend. We were just gone. Rayo sats practical fag would do like. We were doing that the whole weekend. It was passed affect my boy. I don't think people realize how much of a deal effects warren. This film i think people have kind of forgotten about it. Because the full episodes seven the force wikens hollywood and the film industry in general was just so philip. Cgi green screen. I mean it was it really was everywhere and for the new stall was film. That were like yeah. We're going to be doing a lot of practical effects like a lot and remember that being mentioned almost everywhere do you remember that. And then yes and then we got this and like just to remind you. There's a lot of physical things scale. We've got models. We've got stuff that some fi yet actually on fire. It's not just like cg like we're actually set this thing on fire and abundance a cockpit of a tie fighter so on and so forth. So i thought that was really really special. Yeah in a lot of it was the we were still in our kind of prequel. Fool out era The time there was the which still which do pointing to that disney wanted to call a distance from the prequels a little bit tell their own story and as we now know nine or at this point in the story seeks Disney ofra embraced the pre. No loving it at the time. Though in they were still very aware that the prequel came with a steak moore blue screen. Green screen. Tennis balls on sticks. And i really haven't hung reassess practical effect and this. This is tangible as real as possible. And i deny especially for the newcomers coming in Certainly daisy ridley for her. Who struggled on the first few days of weeks production. She'll be the first to say that. Have you ever speak to our which i could my match new to bain immeasurably worse if the if it was done on the green screen and has nothing to bounce off abc's being onset would have helped massively and they did push argument. You know they have an and they they really did push home that it was all in this together. You know where he where everybody's everybody's in for this real passion emanating from the from the cost. Oscar ozaka boise is being done with such love and such enthusiasm from everybody. And i think you'll be out of fill without coming off screen and of course we haven't seen the film so that don't fit that foods. I kind of like insert comment here but the high you believe it man he actors the actors are coming out with that stuff and lie. You just do you. Do you think yeah. This is going to be specialists nap. They say sometimes can be like. Oh yeah yeah you're gonna love it. I watch and walk off. You can really feel a man. Win is like welcome to day. One of star. We could tell that he's kind of is a big moment. Sang these words matter. Everybody knew what they signed up for. Everybody knew during that time they they knew was pretty special. Yes absolutely my absolutely in this clip. I'm by the while loved. Eli piano in this so good saiga. We see all the boy sunday. Mo- han she's a stormtrooper who we we of course had the privilege of interviewing the nut base weekend a few weeks ago yeah. Proper co guys is a london boy. Knees eason english yeah. It was really co- ridicule and doing the race such for this. That's actually where a notice. Oh sunday there is no matter who was code. I'ma sing sunday. And then thinking man the amana times. I've watched this behind the scenes trailer. Just owner pay. that felt really really cold But that was in july and july twenty fifteen. We didn't actually hear much else. And if on the countdown to watkins people again restless. People wanted to try. I remember deng Instagram and germany will trailer plays. We'll try really that people do now. Its biggest buck base. It there was a lot of benefit outside honestly really wants me up announced so just go away. I remember i've because because i two july fill like a long time. And we got behind the scenes Lucy's room which was wonderful and it just kept the momentum going. They didn't need to time because that shit was gone. People were already in but it kept the high guard but we were getting spoil. July august september october. To wait a few months might. There was a lot of people clamoring trailer. And i remember people getting really payson. We're not. We've only got a few minutes from the film ways. The trailer ways the trailer and and that speaks to the ashes of of people nowadays in the social media generation. We've been whipped into such a frenzy with this fairly constant stream every amounts of content process speculation. Not just on the message boards but in the outlets on the On the online on social media way people just couldn't get enough of the force awakens but they wanted with some footage tangible footage. Yes i saw. I remember being on the cantina. The form that we met on the one you mentioned just to clarify my boy. And i did not know each other. This were you walking in president at the hours. Spent mention that inclosing but yes always working in both. Yes so that's funny actually. We were only a few meters away from each other on a soaking up. Just excitement now. I do remember loads of debate. Going online about he was on either. Trial is going to be this time this time. This and then some guy just bows in absolute hang and says broth is gonna bay on this day news a monday in america for monday night. Football on nfl. Football american football. Yeah fight football and it's going to be on this day. Loads of people seem to back up and this is tom. Light people still. I didn't know who was lay cardinals. Legit this this modern star was fandom really and now are do remember going to bed stop and think it because of the time different is going to be. I would sit to the next day saturday To the morning. So i i do remember my you boy ashley joined sleeping while stall was tried. Learn a few hours. They seize the trailer. This isn't a teaser. This isn't teaser trailers three. This is a trailer more dialogue. More shots more. What are we going to get what we can again. And i do remember in the early. Am i think it must have been about. Four am five am so excited i did actually get up and i checked my phone and the trailer was there. I decided not to watch it. And i decided well a least on no that the rumors were true and then it happened. And it's there. And i went back to sleep and then a woke up early in the morning and.

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