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The ESPN app Sirius XM channel eighty Nick. Sabin oh that Koi Alabama, head coach that he is he has not one but both of. His quarterbacks to. Italo yellow, law and also Jalen hurts at the top of the? Depth chart before they, play Louisville this at eight o'clock eastern. Time, on ESPN ABC part of a. Big college football opening weekend Nick saving being even more coy about the plants were who's gonna play more than. The other who's gonna start when he had a press conference earlier on Monday just. To, be clear though is the plan to play both quarterbacks. During the game against, Louisville nobody said that I mean I don't know. Where where where does, that come from just to be clear not to be, cleared as the plan look none of that's been decided yet so. I wish we. Could talk, about something else because I don't really have anything else to say about it I think there's competition? Whether there's a depth, chart or not or whether we have. A, slash or not so I know. That's hard when you guys you know you believe the written word he believed the written word even though sometimes I don't, know if you can believe. The written word but I read from you IRA from you let. Me tell you he is Nick Sabin fake news. On his own benefit about this I just door Nick, Sabin and his press conference WJ Weixin Birmingham Freddie Taylor. My co host and dear friend of ours right I, went to college. With LT, that's how far back we go he used to call him Nikki's nuggets we will go carry every Nick Sabin press conference live. And it, was I mean you just wait for it and he was. Going to berate someone or use. The media to deliver. A message to his team and again this is something that was. Beyond predictable and he's done it how many times Competition is, not just at. The quarterback, position on this team it's not just because it's just slash or or on the depth chart and that is a message being. Delivered to, every single player on that team and anytime you can also. Take a shot At us or even his own fan base for that. Matter he will do it then we all get a damn good chuckle. Out of it and I love the reporter I don't know who it was. Coming back at him to not be clear Uh-huh Nick Nick saves the kind of guy not only I said it earlier that not only does he believe in making sure that you don't get too comfortable whether you're part of the press, team even. Coaches he loves having people being uncomfortable because you can't just sit back and relax because he doesn't sit back and. Relax but Nick Sabin has always, really really good at making sure he's going to control the. Narrative he is not going to let you do. That he is not going to let a coach do. That he's not going to let a player do. That and he that was unexpected when he used the whole. Thing, right. Right I see what you. Write you wrote completely everybody on their, back like a dead wrote in an. Apartment that's what you love to do to people because he's, really really good at, it but you can't still. Fear I guarantee you after that. Exchange he did not give the side to that. Reporter he probably Absolutely anybody that has any kind, of fear. Next like okay I can run over you anytime I want if you're not going to back yourself up then I. Can't respect you that reporter probably, got more respect than guys that are covered Nick Sabin for. More than a minute because he was unafraid unapologetic. And he wasn't combative it was just so let me. Make sure that we're being clear about this whole. Thing he does not mind that kind of give and take. From, anybody. In the press and then. There's this whole situation involving to a, tunnel below and Jalen hurts reminds me. The first time we saw Jalen hurts there's one difference we, never seen Jalen before, the guys ahead of Jalen. Hurts right Cooper Bateman can't remember. The other guy's name I call the game on. A year Thank you very much to help up I mean before the game I'm talking to lane kiffin than OC for Alabama. And I asked him I you know Quarterback how. Much going to see Barnett, Bateman and he goes if you're getting one went. To the true freshman, from, Houston hurts He gets on. The field stop when he. Gets on the field, he, may, not, come off I doubt he's going to come off the, field the rest of, the season the rest was football history Alabama Not just a, rookie? Offensive player, refreshing offense player of the year the offensive player of the year and no one really knew what was going on until game day, right and that's when lane kiffin is Saint our whomever right it's like wait when this guy to get on the field get ready and that's a. Similar type field with two and and Jalen, right now the. Difference is there was no proven commodity. Right with the other two guys or three guys fighting for it right until Jalen got on. The field there. Is a proven commodity over two seasons which Jalen hurts there's a. Half of football with two. I cannot wait to see how this whole thing. Plays out over the course. Of the season starting, Saturday, night ABC urban Fowler on the? Boys, on the call now Obama. Elway but what happened was by by lower the win that national championship in, the, second half versus Georgia Freddie Fitzsimmons on ESPN. Radio and ESPN app at least Nick Sabin whether he's made a decision or not is, the I don't think he knows right, now Florida state they made their decision the Audrey Francois, going to be the starting. Quarterback at the beginning of this year like yours. Last year, Yep Kelly Bryant a Clemson held off a great great child but he's going, to be, starting quarterback getting his team to, the NC double a couch while, playoff last year Nick savings to me he doesn't know and that's. Why? To me it's like an election it is too, close? To call, those no I don't think he knows I think I think he's still waiting for another practice a two and say okay that's the, guy I'm going to go with I think that's more of a gut decision than a players making that decision for him whether it's a quarterbacks or. What team what part of his team can, rally around with. Quarterback it'd be better for him I. Don't think he knows right now I do I mean he's just also solidifying his decision by watching how players Your gravitate, to Jalen hurts into a player's two years ago gravitated, to number two in Jalen. Hurts even last year right gravitated to him followed. Him you, know so I'm curious to see how that plays out Not just, this week but also in, that game and how he watches all of that stuff. Very closely how. Players react so that a lot of other things you mentioned. A couple, of other ones that. Are being decided and how about your guy Joe Moorhead sitting quarterback of. Mississippi, State for week one I'm the boss I, don't care the view here before. I was. Nick FitzGerald you're good but I'm the man you don't mess with the man if you. Run afoul of the man. Well done by George Moorhead Mississippi. State head coach. A former Nixon and play it you're welcome tells how playing at Bama made. It maybe. A little easier than playing in the NFL that's next on. ESPN radio I'm trying to get, our players, listen to me listen to the, you guys all that stuff that you're. On ESPN like poison rat poisoning. This is Nick Saban head coach.

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