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Also topping forecast up point three percent yearoveryear we've broken free percent were looking at a three point one percent increase over again the producer price index a gauge of wholesale prices topping forecast november a point four percent for more on the economy on the bloomberg terminal type echo go echo go on the internet bloombergcom unfancied belgium dice let's go back and you weren't video jesus thank you so much and fifteen minutes our composition of bitcoin with tyler in cameroon and if you don't know tyler in care winner you're not going game the sank the bully bankable us yeah the the viggo hawes vinko roughly the legal vast rice them w i've always had trouble with that and we have winkle vied hiring camera a casuarina sierra and more and you can actually sounded we're bitcoin is moving right of brain rentals canaccord genuity you know tony dwyer giving wisdom there brian is done terrific research and something very important and that is share buyback dynamic sprang give us the quick summary hear what you learned in your year and study of share buybacks well buybacks have been the main engine poland is bull market since two thousand nine and your continuing to grow women are actually celebrating a little bit check yesterday but one in elkton eighteen billion dollar buyback that comes on the heels of home depot's fifteen billion dollars by that last week it is stunning the disparity you've got a church sources too complicated these are discussed but it's got like eight lines and then there's buybacks i mean are you willing to say we're getting these big doubledigit returns just because of by x yes and while the chart you referred to was really complex because it looks at every major participated in the stock market i have another chart that's really simple towards the negative that com much chips compares by baxter all investors combine and what that shows is that investors have done very little point the point during the bull markets what does this say about tax cuts though and what's going to happen with the monti wants thankful to the bottom line well lis buybacks are fuelled by death the deck is fueled by our nation's public pensions who become a dominant global investor tax reform he's going to do nothing in terms of changing the demand for death and so what it maybe that is the make companies issue lestat women's to outcomes one is that.

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