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No Googling, no Googling. You are not doing work work trivia game were hyper there. Yes, the Hall of Fame quarterback, longtime television analysts, and the Bears lost a coin flip. In order to draft him. The answer you are correct is does shingles commercials too? Yes, Very good. You guys seen his new reality show? I've seen clips of it tear with him and his hot mess. Well, yeah, Come on. What is it all that? Even four. Even for reality shows. Really, really. But does she watch the Kardashians? Yeah. Oh, yeah, Thomas, not a hot mess. Kardashian's is on a scale of like one too Hot Mass there like it afore If you guys want look into something, I'll blow your mind. Just search about the Kardashians and the filters they use for all their photos. Oh, really? Yeah. They don't look anything like the people that you see on TV. That's incredible. Yeah. Alright, filtered pictures. Whose contestant number two, So we're one for one Quinn man, Algonquin, Hema. How's it going? Guys Way are good here in the car, so you can type, you know, Googling. I'm goodwill. If you want the Bears elected to pick this all time bust Stan Thomas over this Hall of Fame quarterback who went 11 picks later. To the Atlanta Falcons. The Bears elected to pick this all time bus stand Thomas over this Hall of Famer who went 11 picks later to the Atlanta Falcons. Oh, jeez. I don't know. Hall of Famer from the Falcons. He given by far was it that you are correct? Very good way to rally their Brett Farve remember was drafted 33rd. By the Atlanta Falcons and then traded to the Packer. Well done, Matt now gone. Quinn Anthony's on the near North Side. Here's Your question, Anthony. This one a little more. This one, a little more vague, So let's see how well your knowledge is. 1997. It was between Rick Mirer in this University of Michigan product for the Bears. The Bears chose Meyer in this quarterback ended up as the Ravens starter. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Allowing for the money. Two for the show. He could have been playing a blue suede shoes. Yes, three to get ready. Now. Go cat go! Uh huh. What was that? Carry card Now it is not trying to give you a musical. Hint. It is Elvis Curb. Alvis Ger back. Yes. What? He got mad at me when I asked him why they need signed Ger back instead of training for Meyer. I'll never forget that is he stared me down. And how at the old Palace Hall building. I asked that too. Matt Cavanaugh and he stared me down. All right. Who's next? What Jeremy and River Grove? Jeremy. What's up, guys? Hey, Jeremy. These are the ones that got away all quarterbacks. The Bears had a chance to get this Cardinals quarterback visited the Bears as a free agent but eventually chose Denver. He retired from football early to play handball. This quarterback who was on the Cardinals visited the Bears is a free agent. But eventually he Joe's Denver. He retired from football early to play handball. How am I getting that? Jeremy? What do you do when your sink is clogged? Like, Do what you call Mr Ruda, You are right. It's Rudy Rudiger. No cheek router you sorry, The time is out. J. Gummer, Jake Plummer. Let's That's P l u m m E R where there's no be there, but Jimson elburn. Jim. Hey, uh, guys. Hi, Jim. All right. These are again all these air quarterbacks the bears of the shot at but eventually did not get in this one. A little more current for you, Jim. Nick Quick House Key. Dion Bush and DeAndre Hall were all drafted in the fourth round by the Bears before this quarterback. Acted a few pics later. Nik Witkowski, Dion Bush and DeAndre Hall were all selected in the fourth round by the Bears before this quarterback was selected a few pics later. Holy mackerel, the fourth round. Oh, boy, Um He's I'm gonna have to have a Man, Tommy. I'm allowed to help him. Give him a hand like you gave him and I don't want to Jack with him. Good one. His foot is pointed in the right direction. Now. What is pointed in the right direction now, three seconds, I'm lost. The answer is Dad Press, Scott. Yeah. You got to get that one. Come on, All right, being on the spot, having to come up with the right in. Are these easy or are these hard like? I never. I think Jake Plummer was hard. I think Ellis grew back is something that Unless you're sitting around with nothing to watching television, and you're obsessed with your favorite football team in the lack of success at the quarterback position. Like you. I think it could be harder for some folks. I got more. I want to throw at the other side of the break to people all right, And I think some of these are easier and some of them are bigger players, too, so 3123323776 will continue the game next. You're Listeningto Waddle and Sylvie on ESPN. 1000 Chicago's.

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