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You're listening to ask the garden gate. Got Michael throws time. Your your your gig. I worn out. Geek, I have been home in bed in bed. Most of the poor sitting out on the sofa or going to doctors appointments. All week. You listen to the last segment, I got just food poisoning on thanksgiving. Had to be the Turkey is what we figured out. Everybody Turkey got sick. I've had to doctors appointments Zach my son who is a type one diabetic has had three. It has been really really rough. You know in neither of us have done anything this week other than sit around the house and. You know, do doctors appointments and just eat terribly bland food. Didn't eat any food for days. I mean, you know, I didn't I did not want anything going in me. But now Zac being type one diabetic that wasn't an option for him yet. He was too sick to eat. And you know, when you don't eat in your type one diabetic, the blood sugar goes low in very bad things happen. So he actually had to go to the emergency room at one point, and they had to and I wasn't there because I was home sicker than a dog on that one. I took him to the other doctors appointments with. He went there. And I guess they gave him IV's. I don't know exactly how that all worked. And we still haven't had a chance we're going to have a chance tomorrow to sit down and talk about all of this Kazak and are going to be together. Tomorrow for the first time, I'm you know, other than going to doctors offices. I actually plan on getting out of the house tomorrow, by the way, just a programming note. This is the last segment I'm going to do this to other segments that you're going to hear after this there from last week show. I apologize. I just my energy level is still zilch. Oh, zilch. Zero zilch. I'd here's what makes me mad. I got a phone call that I could not take on Monday inviting me to spend Wednesday which was yesterday. Because I'm recording this on Thursday night at eleven thirty eight in the evening, but to go to this sod farm that I've been wanting to go to about eighty miles from here one that I had never been a relatively new one. And they've got a brand new Saint Augustine grass that I have been reading about that has been developed by the university of Florida in tested for a number of years, and they have finally released it to certain growers in this one grower has the jump on it, and I never even seen it. I've seen pictures of it. And they got a bunch of they've got Assad field of it going down there. And I was invited along with other media people to go down there and hang out with the growers and all of that. And I could not go, and I talk to them on the phone and apologized, but they said, I tell you what. Anytime you wanna come down give us a call. And we're going to give you a little tour, and I told him that I wanted to do my backyard in Asia. And they said, oh, well, we grow zoysia. And I said, yeah, I know you do all come down look at our zoysia you, but you gotta look at this new Saint Augustine grass. I am willing to let you walk all over the zoysia and bare feet, and then this emerald zoysia, you gotta you gotta the committee. You gotta make you gotta take your shoes off, and you got to walk all over that. And then you can go out on our floor Tam Saint Augustine field. And we want you to walk all over that and your bare feet, and then we want you to go to this new Saint Augustine, and we want you to walk all over that and tells the square footage to your backyard. And we're going to you know, after you choose which one of those grasses you want. We're going to bring it up to you. We're not gonna put it down for you. But we're going to bring it up to you and give it to you. Because we want you to report on on your thoughts. Wow. They said how many square feet do you have back there like ten thousand? I said, no my backyard. I said the last time I measured it it measured out at twenty eight hundred square feet. They said all this is going to be cheap. I said, well, yeah, I said so since it's so small you guys want to lay the sod they have. No. But I'm going down there. Hopefully this next week if I feel up to it because it's going to be a lot of walking outdoors in bare feet, but I plan on going down there and doing just that and testing out these new varieties, and I'm I'm gonna take them up on their offer. They're going to bring sod up here. And they're going to slap it, you know, they're gonna taste slapped palace in my backyard. And you know, the last time I I did side in my backyard. I did eleven th I had a big backyard at eleven thousand square feet, which was a lot of palace because they put four hundred square feet on a pallet. And at that time, I had young kids in my my daughter Cassie. At that time. Was like fifteen. Jamie was like ten and Zach was much younger six I dunno seven. And I said, you know, we all went out the it was delivered about five thirty in the evening. We went out the next morning, and we laid that Saad now Zac didn't do much, but I tell you Cassie my daughter fearless woman. Absolutely fearless woman. Unfortunately, I don't have that aspect of of help right now. But you know, the twenty eight hundred square feet you get me out there. Diane ex-wife number two has volunteered to come help. Diane, son hunter who is twenty two or twenty three years old has volunteered to help and I-. Zach is not volunteer to help. But I'm going to volunteer him to help. And we're going to go out there and lay this side and put it down, and it is supposed to take a lot of traffic is supposed to have less water requirements in most Saint Augustine. And it's. Supposed to be good. But I haven't decided if that's going to be that. Or if I'm gonna go with zoysia. I think I'm leaning towards zoysia. But I heard about this this grass, and I'm going to go down walk in it and my bare feet and see I'm so looking forward to that. So I have you planned two thousand nine thousand nine hundred gardening yet. Well, I have I have started. I created a journal. I absolutely created a journal on making plans for my gardening for next year. And one of my friends have told me that I should publish that journal and make it available because it is that good. I just may do that. That would have been something to do this week except I felt so bad this week. I you know, I couldn't even wash my dishes. I just thank God for my second wife. Diane Diane came over here and just like massively took care of me massively. Massively took care of me. Oh, by the way, just another thing before this this segment, and so I have to tell you I didn't realize how little waste generated until I had my daughter and my three grandkids, and my daughter's friend here these people generated so much waste, Abby. I. Just on believable waste that. They generated you live. And you learn we're going to do a whole segment on waste generation. I.

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