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The parkland florida shooting so you know it's infiltrating so many different sectors of the market just got about thirty seconds left here i mean so a iot some level needs to be regulated well i'm not sure that were thing the aai is is uh part of the problem uh with russia i think what we're seeing is a you know artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the economy in a in a number of ways but whether artificial intelligence is something that should be regulated because of what russia is doing why don't think that we would agree with that uh you know i think that that their their questions about it we're happy to engage in a topic that specifically on artificial intelligence so that we can try to help people understand what the technology is doing well craig thank you seventy pecent easily dressing has some of the day's news because it certainly was relevant and nah i know you've got some issues at not issues but somebody to say to when it comes to a on the labour market will get you back craig albright of the software alliance right here on bloomberg your your best resource on asia because we have so many resources have our own don't room for all of these it this going to be a lot of will now be oda governor already kakoty used to love surprises bloomberg daybreak asia sunday night at six eastern on bloomberg radio this is a bloomberg market minute stocks did some intrasession direction shifting and ended the friday session little changed ahead of the long weekend the dow jones industrials rose nineteen points or a tenth of a percent five 25000 to nineteen the nasdaq fell seventeen points or a quarter percent the smp 500 gained one point almost flat percentagewise bob manning at morgan stanley says the latest economic indicators were inflationary but investors are better able to take such data in stride and a housing starts up nine point seven percent and export prices advanced eight pence were percent however we're beginning to see the sharp edges of that inflation trade where off a little bit another report showed americans are still upbeat about the economy the university of michigan reported consumer sentiment has picked up since the end of last month optimism about the impact of the tax overhaul offset concerns caused by the stock market correction jeff belanger bloomberg radio this is you one eighty over one zero seven and i had a stroke 145 over ninety two art attack when fifty over ninety and i.

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