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My Name's align Hama here with Jerry and Sean two times focused today brother. How you guys doing today? Wonderful foreground one doing well. Thank you for the invite. Yeah you know. It's been exactly one year today since you guys first came on the podcast and you know like blessed us with you know some of you guys is presence in. Oh let us know a little bit information about the kids you know and and I really I respect to guys I really appreciate. It's been a it's been a great journey so far but we still got a long way to go a long way to go along Absolutely it's been It's been tough. It has been some joys been payne's been tough long long journey for I saw but We stick together how to support man. We can work anything. I heard that I heard that there's been a lot of spent a lot of stress on this journey like but it's a roller coaster. Everything you know like if you always always having good when the bad hits prepared for that's what I'm saying. Tessa faith test your faith always one hundred percent. That's exactly what it is as a test of faith. Yes but no matter what you got to be able to look at the lessons that you learned from his journey. Yeah we always try to look at where we go on the destination but these Lesson that we learned on his journey are so important. Because it's a positive and everything that you do for some people lose a places. Some people lose their cars and autos Augustine. God bless him with him later they sometimes we got to get out on way. Man Understand is something we do. I understand that a hundred percent in. Oh like because it's it's all a test you know everything. Everything is a test and just because you know you might not get that one hundred percent that a plus you know you might get that C.. Plus Jason this is about learning how to grow back to get that a once again. You know what I'm saying like real talk. I'm I'm telling you what to execute get those results that we want. You GotTa go through this you gotTa feel a Pang. You gotta feel the uncomfortable feeling that we all feel and we got to keep going. Because those was are distractions trying to distract away from. Are we supposed to be doing a lot of distractions in this world. You know rather so today today. I WanNa talk about you guys. I WanNa talk about what you guys have gone through in the past year. You know some of those trials and tribulations some of those successes that are just you know like they'll they'll actually take people's People's breath away you know but also I wanNA talk about I WANNA go into being single fathers. You know like us a single dads you know like going through through some of the struggles that we have to face justice black men but also having a face the struggles men ourselves that are in a in a woman dominated world. You know when it comes to children at least you know like a lot less weird seeing us a single dads you know pop up sometimes. Like where's the mom you know you know everybody questions Eh. We do the hair in saying we do the shopping. We bought a shoes. We get everything that those children need you know. In order for them to succeed you know so they can showed showed two times focus. You know what I mean not I mean like I wanna I wanNA talk about his legacy man about his legacy after. It's about showing that your kids that you know you may have had to go through those hard times but they still got positive in them too. You know because I can tell you I've been going through a little bit with my baby. You know no being a being a single dad you know. I think she's got a little bit anxiety separation anxiety you know. I've been struggling through that. We'll get more into that later. Let's talk about you guys right now. So what was going on today. What's going on with two times? Focus right now and the two thousand nineteen almost twenty. Two thousand thousand focuses about to be two years deep into this James Okay and business yes sir. So the journeys is that we have been on and the lessons that come with have been amazing understanding that we are single fathers and we face a lot of adversity. Sweet lava hasn't been highlighted. So people are shocked when they see us out in public with our kids and so on and so forth but the big thing about it is to be able to interact interact with them and understand and let them know that you human and that you're GonNa make some mistakes and I think we need to be able to communicate with our key is more. Let them know that we still go through stuff. We're not perfect. and Dan share some of the stuff that we go through so they can understand that we are human and they can learn from as well. Yeah I agree with that. A hundred percent kids. Look at us a superheroes we do. Try to hide everything that like the the real struggles of life that we go through. We try to hide that from him. You Know I. I know that my mother headed for me. You know and I know I know that you know is probably vice versa. Same Old same going down the line because we don't ever want her children to think that we're struggling like that but even even if we do you know I think we should learn to teach them about that struggle and the struggle is real salute. That's real life. You know like his real life you never gonna see all sunshine and rainbows. This is similar to what you say brother because I know similar we talk. We haven't talked in a while but we talk some deep conversations with each each other so I I definitely understand but my situation is totally different. My kids mother my boys by one mother. Uh my daughter by another one super supportive to support okay. Yay Very Ver- man. When I say to the to the one hundreds yeah we disagree? They just supportive so that helps me a lot as well. Yeah see that is native it is needed. It's very needed. You know as they did when and I couldn't see I wish I wish I had that man you know it's a struggle every day you know you gotta go through the gotTa go. I gotta go through the Ringer when my baby Momma. Just just to try to get you know some clemency tunnel just Just to keep it kosher pushing to keep praying pushing you know you gotta give us like I've gotta give give give give but you know there's there's no take that's part of the UH comfortable Philly what you gotta go through but the ultimate results execution your daughter going to be happy. Yeah Yeah my master overall. She's Daddy's girl here. You know. That's daddy's unknown Ed. Yea telling you man like that's the truth. I never allies Mama's boy daddy's girls fake or not. That's real life right. There was real. ooh brother telling you man like what she sees you and it's just light up man. Is that light. You can have a bad day. Kids alight shop. You know even if you're tired I come on do science experiment real quick only one day. Yeah that's that motivation. I remember somebody used to laugh at me and my daughter the relationship when they didn't have a daughter that was me he looking right at all times out of the chain I was trip. You Ain't saying no to nothing you tripping I'm glad I don't have a daughter Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah daughter. Love all my kids the same name but that daughter love is different. It is soda stuff was laughing about going through now go. She's five years old whatever she won't Ed Snider Terrorists six essays. Yeah Happy Birthday. Christmas is common like much watch. Yeah that must Christmas Alexi. I'm like I was four bill so just happened but it also helps us. You're absolutely right when I see her and a days when I don't want to go and we got you got to put your all into your purpose into your pass into what you're supposed to be doing. And she hopes yeah to to the fullest on a different level than you guys because my daughter's a little older so my daughter be twelve next month so she has helped me grow as a man as a Father Isla Amer first relationship but at the same time. She's kicking walls that I've had built up in my whole life. I'm able to do things that I would never do with a one and because of my daughter. Okay I know my daughter has helped me grow. Give me some examples. Give me some very affectionate in public. So I wasn't very keen with kissing overhang absolutely but my daughter order has taken things to a different levels with things that I wasn't comfortable with and I didn't WanNa do I do effortlessly now. So she's taught me how to be able to love a woman in a different capacity. Now Yeah so as I learn grow and evolve with her I can take these same things and put him into a woman as well so she definitely helped me. She shows she tells you that. Love Man teach you how to showed what I love man true story for I witnessed it. I laughed at it. Oh yeah never. PDA In public now. Right now I'm very affectionate at all so it just wasn't something I was comfortable with. I feel that I was growing and learning who I was as a man so you know we hear Natto. Yeah Yeah Man Yeah here one hundred percent and you know and I say one of the hardest things about being a single dad is just you know like the p the spectators you know a lot of people were going to be there to give you motivation. You know to tell you how good you're doing but you also have those people who you know are in the background always chopping you down like A. Ah especially when it comes to men raising girls. You know Mike. It's it's it's like there's conception you know what I mean like because it's like my mother can raise a son you know but can I mother truly raise a son prime example of yes she can you know but how can a father raise a daughter you know still teach her how to have in that respect and to be a young woman become a young woman from a from a little girl to a young lady to a woman for grown woman instead values in absolutely you know like still have that heart still have the faith still have the belief and still want to focus on her or their future we set Natale setting. It's home at five eight years old. She know not to touch the door. Yeah see no not to touch cheer. Because I'm a all of that. We certainly tell now. And as an unconditional conditioner is just no. I can't imagine not doing nothing else I've been I've been there man like it's to me. It's it's a struggle every day you know because we don't want to give our daughter's too much you know but we try to give them the world at the same time you you know what I mean. How can that a win is too much too much? You know have a balanced. You gotTa have balances a single father. You know in order to understand and help your children understand. That ain't nothing in this. World is free destruction discipline no yeah structure into I like the structure and discipline always. I've been actually listening to a lot of different things online. And they're talking about affirmations for our daughters. You know like so you let your daughter. Listen to these certain affirmations in the car like that tells them that they are young powerful all black one. We do it every morning. You know what I'm saying. Yes so you know. That's something into wow. We do it every single morning. See everyone this is amazing. Confirmation their brother it is. It is because I'm telling you seal go to her mom or grandma demo affirmations and they said what I'm a princess powerful genius..

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