President Trump, North Korea, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


To foreign policy george herbert walker bush shoes ninety four today did much the same thing as he managed the end of the cold war and so i think we we don't have to be sentimental to be humane and i think that's the hallmark of a sound american foreign policy position on this so jeremy the president said there's a quote rough situation in north created but it's rough and a lot of places to again i would point people to the two thousand fourteen un report that was just talking about that concludes there many parallels between modern north korea and nazi germany what was happening before the end of world war two there what are the dangers in your mind talking this way i mean we know that president trump understands flattery and he may be trying to afford some flattery to kim jong to get deal he wants but you don't have to go as far as he went last night well it establishes a paradigm that establishes an effect trump doctrine and we're seeing the emergence of trump doctrine here and i the rights issue that you referenced if it's a rough situation we're not going to comment on it second is that a deal signed previously a trade deal in iran deal climate deal is per se bad any deal this president signs per se good notwithstanding the substance and finally i think most lastingly the trump doctrine is now are global deployment of troops is needlessly provocative and too expensive too costly and that has profound implications for american security there are so many frustrating hypocrisies in terms of that the treatment of the north korean leader dr cia versus the canadian prime minister but let's put those aside what what positives do you see that have come out of the past twenty four hours because i think we can get tied up in knots about trump's way of speaking and a lot of people who are very protrump think that's the way he speaks and he gets it done is there any logic to that i mean i'm looking at some of the major disasters and.

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