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Been missing since July second has been found dead they say only that an investigation is underway into the death of twenty eight year old goalie Camaro and other peers it was a homicide police in Taylor investigating a fight that turned deadly at the knights of Columbus hall in the city a seventeen year old was killed police say that a large fight broke out of the hall on breast road just before eleven last night and that four other people were injured in that brawl no other details have been released at this time some worry free eats are coming to the campus of Michigan State University Michigan state university's first allergen free dining hall is officially set to open Monday the cafeteria located in one hall is named thrive and will serve food that does not contain any of the most common allergens this includes milk eggs peanuts and fish the facility is also gluten free the universities I addition says about one in eight Michigan state student has some sort of food allergy and as you said the goal is to make safe food that is also tasty are mentally and drum W. J. R. news Michigan congressman Justin Amash who announced on the fourth of July that he was leaving the Republican Party repeated today on CNN's state of the union that he feels are as evidence of president should be impeached he said the case against the president is strong and that house speaker Nancy Pelosi should act I do believe there's a strong case I believe she believes there's a strong case and if so she should move forward and make sure that the American people understand what's going on because people at home are reading the mother report most people don't have time to read a four hundred forty eight page report their X. big specter members of Congress to do the work for them they want speaker Pelosi to do the work they want other members to do the work and if she doesn't want to go forward then we're gonna have a big problem Ammash's the only congressional Republican to call for the president's impeachment the justice department says you will press its search for legal grounds to force the inclusion of US citizenship question on the two thousand twenty census president Donald Trump previously said he was very seriously considering an egg I could have ordered to get the question on the form Michigan congressman Debbie Dingell says up question will make it harder to get accurate results scientists have for a long time to develop these questions so people will not be afraid they will answer the question in that stated that can be used effectively in a number of areas he's undermining people's confidence it's already hard in certain areas to get a real count in this is undermining getting what this country needs a real account the justice departed not say exactly what options remain now that the Supreme Court is bar that question at least temporarily Motown legend Stevie Wonder will undergo a kidney transplant.

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