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I've seen some wonderful things on facebook and elsewhere about kids visiting through the windows of the nursing home where their mom lives and things like that. Any thoughts about Titties children. That are crossed your desk and these couple of weeks or that kind of thing is to keep them also focused on this greater good. Well when I always loved we had time was table games. My my kids love monopoly. I like scrabble but You Know Table Games. Card Games and just Family Activities I'm sure people watch a lot of television. But in the to the extent that that Parents and kids can engage activities other than sitting on the couch watching television. That's a good thing to my kids have been having fun. Doing zoom calls with their grandparents out. There needs to know how to set up zoom call. Justa hit me up on a help good. Yeah that's a really good idea. I think kids writing notes to their grandparents and and posting them and things like that which I think are wonderful I know you've got a busy day in front of you but before we close. I wanted to just ask you about your recommendations to the women's Listening here because you've been such a great community organizer as well as elected official all these years. Your thoughts on things people can do while. They're at home and social distancing that can further the political and community work. They're doing so. I'm a teacher by profession. A big believer in reading And as all of you who listen to this podcast. Rebecca's the author of voter in which is a great book. The handbook for people who are for women who are looking for an opportunity to serve and I I would recommend Doing a little reading. And you know you can always you can always talk to people on the phone Kinda I I'm encouraging people to keep their networks together. You know talk to your friends talk to your family. We don't want people to be Isolated because they're sheltering in place. I think that's really critical especially for our seniors. We don't want people who are confined to their apartments to be isolated there which means that you can call them. You can text them. You consume them as your children are doing Kelly. It's important that everybody stay in touch and Especially those of us who are who are able bodied. Stay in touch with with those who may be frail or elderly or challenged physically and I saw. I think we're GONNA put those of you listening. We're going to add some links to the end of this Podcast with Tony About resources for you for working at home not only with your family on behalf of your family but doing your community work how you can keep working on behalf of candidates and causes that you care about so do look pretty bad I WanNa just turn to Kelly because some final thoughts she have to ask Tony and then we will close and thank her and ask her to share information from Cook County about where we go to learn more as we need to. Yeah just wondered attorney if you could just you know at a plug for people might not be thinking about running for office right now in this moment during a crisis but I you know I think we're we're going to eventually someday be out of this moment in need to be thinking about getting people into office who who can help in these sorts of crises but also just stay today a so if you could encourage the women who are listening. I in the idea of a running for office especially executive office. Well you know I always tell people if you think you're interested in politics. Pick a candidate and work in a campaign you know. Every campaign is looking for volunteers May Not necessarily be glamorous work but you'll get to see from the inside. You know what? Campaigning is like and while it's different being a candidate staffer. You really do get a sense of campaigns. If you work in them taught I encourage anybody. Who's interested in public office to work in a campaign for a candidate believing it's It's eliminating and it's it's it's critical. Dr Democracy that that folks step up and support candidates they believe in so. That's the first thing second thing is I mean don't Don't count out your experience. I mean a lot of women are leaders in their their PTA parent teacher association or their leaders in their church or their they. They've organized a Park Advisory Council you know all of those kind of activities are good preparation for public service. Sometimes I think we think that you know what it takes to be. An effective elected officials having gone to Law School. But in my view in my view you know what's more important is being part of a grassroots organization. That's working to make change in your neighborhood. So you know and lots of ways as I said to to do that. School Church Religious Institution Just community activities. Those kinds of experiences are really really helpful. When you'RE GONNA run for office first of all they put you in touch with a network of folks who share your convictions and your beliefs and secondly you know they give you an opportunity to take on leadership roles and in ways that are beneficial to your community. So I you know I. I encourage people first of all the work in political campaigns and secondly to get involved in their in their neighborhoods in one way or another. No lots of ways. As I suggested to do that thank you so much for sharing needs minutes with us today. before we close as I said is there any For further information given the fact that we're in the.

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