Conor Mcgregor, Eric Trump, Richard Spencer discussed on Chapo Trap House - Episode 136 - Lullaby For Lanyards feat. Joe Prince (8/27/17)


Hello friends it's your chapo for this week it's me woman anchor joined as always by felix peterman pullover one matt chris men i folks also here brennan james whoah and sitting in this week as our guest is our friend joe prince joe how's it going just real puzzle weird yeah me and joe um we unfortunately pooled our money last night and the it look like our twomilliondollar bet on conor mcgregor was going to pay off but no always bound black via black irish the conor mcgregor was unfortunately stifled from the win he deserved when the rough made him stop cheating uh i did like that eric trump tweeted out like conor mcgregor did an awesome job and it's like wow i wonder i wonder who any in one in the trump values rooting for our richard spencer tweeted out like congratulations gregory you've made us all proud the irish are white again not and i'm later gotta that that that is not true house like the irish white thing workers are the kind of go back and forth depending on like would raceway guys it depends it depends on who there who they're attacking at the moment you know if it's just each other or other white people than there you know back to the back to the bog with ye but if they are being police officers or or fighting a blackeyed a boxing ring then they can become honorary whites i can't remember who never mind i was gonna make a joan walsh black irish let's keep going we were very topical we were saying uh reason that uh mcgregor verses mayweather was lake it was the apocalyptic follow battle of sexism versus racism.

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