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The infrastructure the transportation infrastructure of cities cannot keep up with that kind of growth so one is you got to be smarter which goes to sharing cars getting away from car ownership which is pull second is you need to build out alternative forms of transport nachos cars which is the bikes that were getting into and the third is just like residential has gone three dimensional skyscrapers and commercials gone three mansions you're going to have to build a third dimension in terms of transportation and elevate for us is the third dimension that we're taking a big bet on but it's a long term bet and we're doing it with a number of partners out there we're gonna take another break to thank sponsors who bring this show to you we'll return to this interview from the code conference after this today's show is brought to you by away travel they asked thousands of people how they pack why they travel in what bugs them most about their luggage then they made an affordable highquality suitcase that solves those problems choose from a variety of colors and four sizes including to carry on sizes each suitcases made with premium german polycarbonate that's unrivalled in strength and impact resistance but also lightweight there's a tsa approved combination lock built into the top of the bag and inside each one there's a removable washable laundry bag that keeps dirty clothes separate from clean and here's the really cool part i am always on my phone if it dies when i'm twittering when i'm traveling which is always than it is a huge hassle for all my giant fans on that media but both sizes of the awake carry on can charge cell phones tablets ereaders anything else that's powered by usb cord a single charge of the carry on my iphone five times so it's convenient and highly annoying to the twitter sphere get twenty dollars off this amazing suitcase which i use also in my son uses it go away travel dot com slash decode and use the promo code deco during checkout there's one hundred day trial period and shipping is free to the lower forty eight states we call it that that's an interesting way to discuss the united states of america one more time that's.

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