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I think also that the idea that we are ascribing intention to the foam acres of a murky area to get can't really do that unless they said the interviews. I didn't see it as having the he hated art harbor. I do think that it's a two point. I think Jeff brought up when you know, it's just saying that the industrial complex is, you know, despicable. But I think that they really did try to make some interesting artwork because you can see it with, you know, this isn't a spoiler trailer. There is fear. Peace attendant at and that's kind of treated with kind of reverence by both the characters in the story is that they found very interesting. So there's a few times when the art comes off as you know, not so bad at. Yeah. It's incompetence of like, how can you get real modern artists people like most of the things that I think about modern. In most movies is terrible. You always have like a picture can artists or like they're supposed to be amazing. But knowing actually recreate the modern art, it's mazing because it's such a difficult thing to do. David Cronenberg was probably the only person I can think of. You did a great job for his niece, recreating modern art. So I point I think it's great point April. I guess I should take it back a bit because I think the sphere was in fact, very good. And I also think there's a moment when you look at a painting that the John Malkovich character makes and it is meant to be bad. And I think the movie sufficiently conveys it at his bed. You know what I mean? So I mean, I don't we're gonna get no spoilers, but there's a D digs character. Right. His entire purpose of being there is to show that modern art can be laudable. And and noble, he's pure rise. Ryan Gosling in LA La Land sell out, right? He doesn't sell out. And that's the point that the movie is making is don't sell out don't make art for money. And the problem is everyone in the movie that wants to profit. Off of it. Without actually being creative are the evil. Ones are the other people were the of being, you know, in a horror movie, I'm back on your side. Again. I think you're right. All right. L of your I take it back in a real roller coaster has been it has been. Well, why don't we get the spoilers for velvet bus starting before over? We get their K K just say like shoutout to whatever the hell digilent- halls doing. I think it's a ton of fun. Like, even if the movie doesn't quite come together. I think what this whole thing this whole act. It's very much a send up of snooty critics, but I can't help it feel a bit of like film critic like, you know, commentary there too. There's a point where he says to somebody whatever respect I had for your work has completely vapid in this just like in this complete tone. That is hilarious. I was laughing so much. There's never been a critic alive that has a body like that. You know, I'm very I'm very confused. I'm very confused by a lot of things, and I love this movie. Also, give him plenty of naked moments. Dislike hang out and be naked. Because that's exactly how I right. I guess we all work do the slash guest. You know? April that we're all supposed to so they're they're many great quotes by the character. Whose name is more Venable in the movie great names in this movie too? The phrase. I critique is so limiting and emotionally draining. You know, like it's kind of how I feel every time. I record the stone guest. So many many quotes from from more that I'll probably integrate into my daily life. So good chat Moore's podcasts because I think that would be. Guys would be great. Yeah. All right. Let's move onto spoilers for us. Starting right now. Now, looking for the sheep sits la-, but you might find because coach they're not going to see this come your way looking postulate over. You don't work them attacking him dying daily. Won't to be..

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