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I don't know everyone who works that law from center. And have you had any discussion with anyone ever about Bob Muller and or his investigation? Posit now what's going to be interesting in his response here is again. The he is going to for the third or fourth time poll another one of these like people Kasowitz it's going to be slightly more more. Sophisticated, but not much more sophisticated. Right? Like it's almost the equivalent of him saying like, well, I mean, I've talked to people about different Bob's in my life. Good. So you said Bob molar or so, ever had a discussion about Bob Muller are used to work in the administration, Bob Mueller investigation. Have you had a conversation with anyone about his investigation? I'm sure I've talked to fellow judges anyone aside from fella judges about Bob Muller about his investigation, sir, Alaska again, but I ask the question just a minute ago. I'm surprised you forgot. Have you had this conversation with anyone about the investigation that Bob Mahler's conducting regarding Russia interference with our election or any other matter? The fact that it's ongoing. It's a topic in the news every day. I talked to. It's talked fellow judges about it. It's in our, it's in the courthouse in district of Columbia. So I guess. I'll answer to that is yes. So the answer's yes. Okay. And did you talk with anyone at Kasowitz Benson and tours? You asked me that I need to know who works there. I think you can answer the question without me giving you a list of all employees of that law firm. Actually I can't not is I don't know who works there. So that's the only way you would know who you spoke with. I wanna understand your your response to my question because it's a very direct one. Did you speak with anyone at that law firm about the Muller investigation? It's very direct question. I'd be. I'd be surprised, but I don't know anyone. I don't know. I don't know. Everyone works that woman, so I just wanna be careful because your question was and or so I want to be very literal. That's that's fine. I'll ask the more direct question if that's helpful to did you speak with anyone at that law from about Bob Mueller investigation. I'm not remembering anything like that, but I wanna know a roster of people and I wanna know more. So you're not denying that you spoke with? I don't remember anything like that move on. Clearly you're not going to answer the question..

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