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And castro got a challenge question for you interest provocative stuff about manual stick shifts versus automatic i have thoughts all right brian scott his movie review i had dings let's see i gina grad gina's moving are moving a sofa into her domicile and you had to take the door off did front door back door but it's a yeah it's it was a whole thing and i was told by multiple men that two girls couldn't do this and i said you're absolutely right and somehow i had the my friend becky's she's an absolute beast on it comes the stuff she's amazing but thank god i had the idea if we get a tarp and somehow get the couch out of the u haul and put it on the tarp we can drag the tarp smart so we did that and then it wouldn't fit through the door so we had to take the door off the hinges which was a huge security risk in my neighborhood but we got it in now we have a security door a door no this is my door oh this is metal screen thing was unless you they're trying to keep the the metal screen is bolted to the okay so it's not too now you want to head the door opens in in in good kick doors that went them to go otherwise i blew my knee out try to kick i don't want to say i'm just saying we're po nothing is known my knee out door where the bit where the gap with a fellow or gal i don't know that door swung out potential victim you right now you should if anyone is looking to take a door off and they wanna easier go of it pop the pins what does that mean your hand has pins in it it does will middle bolt right pan all right and if one gets up underneath it with nail set or an all whether w or something like that one can pop the pin out now if they're hinges that face the outside they will have an r p hinges on there or they should which would be nonremovable pins which means they have little set screw little allen screw on the inside so you open them up like the legs of victim you open the hinge op gwent picture you ever we can relate to i don't know why but the you know there's like people take offence longs language and songs and stuff like that tonight's the night the rock stewart song where he's like spread your wings let me come in ten yeah i feel like i need take a shower all right anyway spread those little wings you'll see a little alan very small alan screw in there won't be protruding because obviously it'll be a little flush sets grew and that's that's so if you ever get a hinge pin that's not going anywhere you should be able to take a big framing nail or a skinny pointed phillips head screwdrivers wack it at the bottom and if that thing doesn't pop up you gotta nrp hinsch interesting you did take the door hinges how did you get she unscrewed the hinges yeah so this is the two neural nerd chicks as more of a koala less little less home repair animal would have pulled the pans if she was well i'm saying if she was a wolf rain she would have popped the pans as an animal guys you've got a little more quality she undid all the we needed the door is not this is another thing purpose out there the door all the way down to the floor you guys were show me picture of a self closing hinge literally for one that has an allen ranch at the bottom of it but that's how you tighten up the spring in self closing hand alan ranch yes wrong spot that's that's max pat of so the door doesn't go all the way.

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