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The right wing partner of his there in austria also making similar noises it's becoming more and more difficult for for her to to to hold her ground coordinates nick thank you very much for joining us on monocle twenty full time now to head to florence to hit the latest from pitchy woman one jamie waters is there for a snow and before jamie that we find out what's happening where you are there's movement at the top that partake vendetta yes yes there's a lot of because it's just been announced that thomas mile is leaving potato venit he's being the credit direct to that the seventeen years so it's kind of huge news i think for a few raisins one of the joel's in the carrying crown carrying luxury brand luxury kind of conglomerate and i think the fact that the size of the company's means it's being used also he's being such a long period of time which is increasing in the fashion industry today when krejci change all the time he's one of the longest standing credit directors is it a surprise i mean it's the brand hasn't been performing well in the past couple of years you know go doubts about two thousand twelve surpassed one billion in revenue and i think that point of the second biggest brand gucci in carrying group and it just hasn't in the last couple of years it's been overtaken by silo ron kind of hasn't got as much traction but the younger generation so i think you know eat it has not been performing as well so it's it is a big news can everyone talking about it and everyone has their own kind of thoughts but you know it is also quite solid to say.

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