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Horton that would pay eventually a battle for third todd bohdan in the fourth spot as quickly getting some company in the form of the ups machine of dale jarrett jared cuts down full five garlands down to four dow down to three and a half into turns three and four todd what i looked in as we're here is the face of failed brought here's ricky rod once again try to get back of a tale in the lead lap racist jerry native to the line and just by inches does get out in front although naidu pools even again going to turn one race for the litas on it the las vegas motor speedway started violent gotta run going the last lap off turnover over to trying to squeeze by jerry naidu nato beat it for the line mcfarland finally now passes them on the back straight away from las vegas motor speedway this zim and radio all right you do it yourself are looking for the right to for the job stop by a riley auto parts power torque tools diy day sale you'll find a wide selection of howard torch tools on sale now add guaranteed for life power dark tools diy day sale going on now at a riley autoparts better parts better prices every day limits apply see store for details auto bart's whatever you drive wherever you go hercules tires will get you there whether you're running under money nutjob or dependable high quality tires of the perfect fit for your needs efron match value to like shift in warranty with industryleading road hazard protection there's only one choice hercules dyers to learn more visit hercules tire dot com or call eight hundred six seven seven 95 35 hercules dyers ride on our strength.

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