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Nicotine is an addictive chemical boulder show he is curly he has a morning off I'm hearing back from her I'm here and you're there so aboard chat to our last caller look I I understand your frustration it's been part of our frustration how the Republicans and and and even this administration of how they how they communicate a message and Republicans for the longest time not communicating a message effectively but you don't have to be deceitful when you don't have to say things you don't believe and you don't have to play dirty that's the beauty if you're a conservative you don't have to play dirty yeah I have to make stuff up and she said you know after the congressional shootings they should have gone in in right and and and blame right after the death the the the Democrats were to blame them specifically for just like they're doing to us and I told you the reason Republicans and get service don't do that is they don't believe it they understand that the you know in a society that you when you have you're going to have free speech and people are going to go over the top there always going over the top I understand it what happens in a Republic it's meant to be that way the whole system was set up so people can spew out the most vile rhetoric at each other and we don't know but if we don't end up for the most part in a civil war or people killing each other over the politics then you have the people that commit mass shootings but as I've said three hundred thirty million people in the country roughly five to ten of these type of specific crimes a year sometimes fewer they have increased and so most conservatives and Republicans look at it go you know terrible that these things happen what can we best do well are we going to change the way that society is not really are we getting rid of video games now I mentioned earlier begin your bird pot get rid of pot now call no are we getting rid of the second amendment no but then what do we know when what we know they pick out gun free zones that's one area maybe we can limit their but if you're talking about red flag laws as Eric said yesterday with you know so many things that happen out there you might not even need red flag laws from what current law exist right now for many of these cases where you have had some of the mass shooters or whatever the the one eat even though the the kid did reported pulled a gun on someone will that's enough to do it a lot of the behavior already would keep you from owning a gun if that was found out but the last thing that we need to do last thing I want to do is be like them I don't have to lie about Joe by I don't have to lie about any Democrat or any liberal all I have to do is tell the truth just get the truth out there and I understand how it's frustrating when you see the party.

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