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That he beat the damage. He beat the bosses Oscar at punches town in a hurdle and you go through his form that there's decent form there. And this was a fantastic start to his chasing career. Yeah, I think if you look back his form in previous years, he's had a bit of a mixed match, hasn't he of results, but yeah, so to be honest, I was quite surprised with the manner of his victory at gore and at the weekend, but what Paul Tanner did was he sort of let the field didn't he stayed out of trouble and virtually made all the running and it's probably the best thing to do in 18 runner beginners chase because he didn't then come into too much trouble. I mean, the only trouble he came into was at the last when he over jumped and knew landed with his knees. So he did well to stay up. But on the whole, he's jumping was very, very good. And it's great to see him cement a victory on the racecourse because as I said, I think his form is very, very mixed match, very in and out, very hard to gauge what kind of running he's going to give you, but as you said, I think if you go far enough back, there is there is talent there. There is form there that suggests that he could be a horse that can do well in chasing. I mean, in graded races as well, because this was a beginner chase. And I'd like to see him step up into graded company over fences. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more. His form ties in with factory delaying, who's going to run tomorrow. So we're recording this on Monday. He's going to run and choose that now, then in the rescheduled point hurdle meeting, he'll be bumping into his stable companion run wild Fred. Interestingly, one wild thread has been partnered by Mark Walsh. Which makes me think that the plan with him is otherwise Jaime not writing in there. I was going to say that I think that's a clear indication that run well for it will go for what Rory suggested that he will go for the national hunt chase. Brian Cooper is on board for delaying. I think faculty is a little bit under the radar. He was only beaten a length and a quarter by statler. And yet everybody fell over themselves to be with statler. He was second to master makishi at limerick. Over fences, he beat blue Sari. Who obviously we've. Just had a discussion about. And I'm sorry was very impressive. He's beaten vanilla. At Christmas time and then had a bit of a setback. Vanilla goes on to disappoint the DOF before bolting up a shelter. And I think he's a horse that's under people's under the radar. So I'd keep him, keep him in mind, but yeah, blue sorry is obviously very, very interesting, but watch out for fuck your delay in tomorrow and let's see how he gets on. And if run royal Fred wins and you took Rory's advice, then gravy time. All right, a couple of topics to discuss that just some gentle topics that you and I were talking about beforehand. On WhatsApp, nothing scandalous or anything like that. Mark Todd. So we didn't get a chance to talk about some last week. And Matt Polly made his debut on the show. Now, mass was an amateur jockey. He was an assistant trainer. And he's now a equine radiographer. And he got kicked in the head and was knocked out for 12 hours. Which is why he's not back to work. And I was amazed he came on the show. Sounded great. Absolutely sounded fantastic. But he had some interesting things to say, which I'll share after Lucy said, or say, but I will say that we did a poll on Twitter, 2566 of our listeners voted on it. The Mark Todd scandalous brought racing is disrepute with what I said. We talk about how important horse welfare is. And then this video emerges plenty of leptis defense, while many have condemned him, but have your say. 6% of you of the 2566 who voted in the final results are in part is this what Mark Todd did was part of everyday training, 6% of you said that was questionable, 10% of you was absolutely disgraceful, 84% of you. As somebody who is written as some of the top stables and is retraining an x-ray source yourself, Lucy. See, I remembered this time. I've been remembering mostly now that you're on the show in your most recent appearances on the show. What has your reaction to the Mark Todd scandal been? Yes, it's not great. I mean, it's about racing. I think the only good thing is that he's come out and apologize because what he's done in the video is not good. And obviously the BHA has suspended him and I'm not entirely sure for how long, but obviously it remains to be seen about that, but I mean he's come out and apologize and quite rightly so because, yeah, what he was seen to be doing in the video was not good at all. Not something that you would want if you were an owner and you had horses with so much Todd, you wouldn't like to think that sort of behavior goes on and I'm sure it doesn't on a regular basis. That's for sure. I'm sure this was a one off a moment of madness, but it certainly doesn't make it acceptable. So I mean, he's come out and apologized and rightly so. There is no other video evidence that has been leaked, although something else might come out, you never know. This isn't a moment of madness in terms of what you're watching. He's holding a longer video emerged. And this was supposed to exonerate him. And that longer video shows him holding a branch. And belting the horse with that. You could say he's brushing those with it, but he's not. He's belting the horse with it. So he's doing this each time the horse goes to the water. The horse was nervous of.

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