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How concrete language shapes customer satisfaction was published earlier this year in the journal of consumer research jonet. Thanks for joining me. It's really great to speak with you again. Thanks so much for having me back. Let's talk about this study. Your co author was grant packard. Who's a marketing professor at york university. Toronto and together the two of you analyze more than a thousand customer service interactions. That were either recorded phone calls or written correspondence. What were you to looking for. And what did you find. This paper actually started with a little bit of a story. So i was a a number of years ago. I was on my way to an airport to catch a flight. And right on the way there i get this text message that every traveler dread saying flight has been cancelled and then two minutes later. I get this note saying. Hey but we re booked you on indirect flight tomorrow fifteen hours later with an extra stop along the way and i was like oh man i really needed to get on this flight and needed to get home and so i call customer service and i asked for help and we've all had an experience like this weather with an airline with somebody else and so i call them and the interaction just does not go well I asked for help. They're not very helpful. They're sort of following feeling like a sheet of normal questions. And i'm really really frustrated and i get off this call and the flight questions not solved and i'm sort of fuming and the the driver very nicely the uber driver says oh you know you sound like you're upset and i said yeah you know. I just called customer service. I'm pissed it's got to be so difficult to customer service agent. You know you get yelled at all day by people that are upset. I must be tough job and he goes. Actually you know. My daughter is a customer service agent and she was so good at it that they promoted her to helping other people be better. And i sat and i said wow be better i mean you know beyond like giving me a free credit or something. How can you be better. And i started to wonder. What might you be able to do. Besides giving people stuff what might you be able to do to be better. And so Grant i've worked on a number of papers together. He's an expert on language. I've done a bunch of work..

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