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Child Cory decided to bring the kids to school that morning himself. he drove home a couple blocks away after dropping the twins off right about the time that I was probably walking up stairs to the second floor and when he got out of his car he was shot to death. what is other little daughters always sits at the door waiting for her dad to come home and she was there waiting for Cory. her mom had to tell her that her dad was never coming home he had been shot outside of their house that morning and is that code green was happening inside that elementary school and kids were probably having a little bit of fun wondering when the lights are going to come back on there were two little girls who were never going to see their father again we're gonna be told in a matter of hours that this shooting had then taken the life of their dad and every single kid in that school was going to start wondering is going to be my dad nexus again we might mom next that cycle of trauma that cortisol that pays kids brains it was going to be a reality once again for all these kids in this neighborhood and that's just one day that I happen to be in Baltimore imagine that it isn't just coincidence imagine if that's the reality day after day after day for kids all across this country why are we doing nothing. why are we sitting on our hands why are my Republican colleagues waiting for the president to give them direction. senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut. it would be one thing if we didn't know what to do. right if we were overflowing with compassion. for those two twin little girls in Baltimore Maryland for the family of we Spencer in Bridgeport but we just couldn't figure out what would make the situation better that's not the case we know what will make the situation better there is no mystery about it. in my state of Connecticut. in my state of Connecticut we passed a law requiring all hand gun buyers to pass a background check as part of the permit process. in studies show that there was a forty percent reduction in the gun homicide rate after Connecticut passed that law. okay well that's just one St you said forty percent that's pretty serious. that's a pretty big return. on one change in the law did you know the status I. okay let's take a look at Missouri we did the opposite a few years ago it repealed its purchase permit law that requires you to get a background check with every sale of a weapon in Missouri and guess what happened a year later gun I'm size went up by twenty three percent controlling for every other factor that could explain it in fact during that period of time going on inside rates were going down in all the states around the Zurich and they went up in Missouri and then I found out that in fact in other states what did go up in those other states were at the number of weapons used in crimes that came from a very. he's always when you need a background check in Missouri so if you want a traffic guns to another state. Missouri was a place to get a. across the board. you look at all of the state's experiences you don't get everywhere forty percent and twenty three percent but on average space that background checks of fifteen percent. lower homicide rates in states that have a. and if we did this on a national basis even states that have universal background checks would benefit why because the crime guns are being used in Connecticut are coming from Connecticut they're coming from states with you guessed it. no universal background checks. it was being used in Chicago to come from Chicago. the guns being used for crimes in New York City don't come from New York City. one percent of guns used in crimes in your city come from New Jersey you know why New Jersey has universal background checks so those guns are coming up from South Carolina and Georgia and please read and go to a gun show. and get a whole truckload guns without having to ever go through a background check. background checks work. they are the most impactful. public policy measure. since the background check law was passed in the mid nineties over three point five million sales have been blocked. the violent criminals and other prohibited individuals and that. it is just the tip of the iceberg because most of the people that actually had the gall to set foot in the gun store. knowing that they had. eight a fence in their history that would prohibit them from buying a gun maybe not knowing that that is the people that went into the gun store and try to buy a gun. and got the night. there are. millions and millions of more people who wanted guns but couldn't get on. and didn't go into a gun store in the first place. the problem is today. getting that. denial from the gun store. is not really a barrier to buying a gun. because twenty thirty percent of gun sales now happen without a background check they happen in a private sale between one person and another they happen at a gun show. which is. which art forms that don't require under federal law background checks. a man in Odessa Texas failed a background check because he had been. diagnosed by a clinician as seriously mentally ill. I didn't stop him from getting a gun. he just. found a private seller. thirty. found another way. private seller game a gun and didn't require me go through a background check. he took that gun. and used it to kill seven people and injured twenty more. I don't think that you have to. pass a law to fit the last mass shooting I think that's a ridiculous trap that people try to put us in. this isn't the only mass shooting in which universal background checks could have changed. the outcome one of the first match using it sits in my consciousness that in Columbine is another example of a. shooter got a gun outside the background check system who couldn't have gotten one. through it. so what do you want anecdotal evidence or statistical data I've got it all background checks work. well here's. what's so mad. people love background checks. apple pie and baseball. grandma. no number is popular is background checks are. ninety percent of Americans like background check show me any other public policy today the United American gets ninety percent support in this country eighty percent of gun owners seventy percent of NRA members everybody wants background checks universal background checks they don't want mention to me which just expand background checks to commercial sales they want H. R. eight. they want H. R. eight. which is passed the house of representatives has been sitting on the floor of the United States Senate for two hundred and two days that's what. Americans want ninety percent of Americans support H. R. eight. don't tell me that this issue is controversial it's just controversial in this bubble. it's not controversial out in the American public and is not a blue state a red state issue background checks are just as popular in Georgia as they are in Connecticut. we don't have to wait for the president to tell us what to do. senator McConnell has a different copy of the constitution that I have. my copy of the constitution says that none of us. are required to get permission slips from the president before we act before we do something that we think is good for the country that's why to me how the Republican leadership is so eager to advertise that the Senate will do nothing unless president trump gives it permission. he's not the most popular guy. I don't know why my friends the Republican side would just openly admit they don't act unless the president thousand it's okay that's not how it has to be. we can make a decision ourselves. on this one. every single person here should do because it's the right thing but. it's also going to win yeah a lot of support back home. Mr. madam president I have a few more colleagues.

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