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Everywhere. Skysports basically farmed it out. And did you hear anything about what kind of you're ship? They had or is it too soon to know that lesson when they were doing the online streaming the first three days they had nine and ten thousand people watching it a time. I don't remember any pool streaming show ever they'd garnered that kind of audience, and my feeling is from my experience producing pool tournaments. The first years always the hardest and every year after that, it'll grow I have no doubt in my mind that the US open next year will be bigger and better maybe more prize money. Maybe you know, I don't think they're gonna go on two hundred six players. That's a huge field. Maybe it'll be a day longer. Maybe they'll, you know, increase the capacity because if they're already filling the stands a few times seven hundred seats, they may need to go to nine hundred seats next year and the seats were not expensive. I mean, the I think you could watch it anywhere from seven seven fifty to ten dollars a day. That's not bad or ten dollars a session. They made. I think that they purposely made it inexpensive, you know, to attract as many people as possible. No. I, you know, here it is three day three days after it's over. I don't see any complaints. I don't think place on as a billiards. I don't people are not calling me and saying, hey, what about this j what about that? Why didn't they do? This do that the fact that their silence on the negative end is very telling to me, whatever they did it worked. Negative pool. Fans can be heck I'm one of them. Sure. They'll they'll they'll jump on anything. They'll jump on anything. I thought that the referee calling of foul in the last game on woo on just a slight touch. The two would have would create a controversy. But it hasn't happened. It would be one thing if let's say short sleeve barely touch the ball. But when you're cue stick actually contacts the object ball, that's that's a pretty obvious foul, and if Nigel REEs hadn't called it. He would have been he would have been remiss talking about the production put on I mean this while it was their first US open. It was far from their first time in pool. I mean, they've been producing events for years and years and years early nineties. I started the Mosconi Cup coincidentally. There was a note on Facebook today. I'm sure you saw it that. Lucas was stepping down from Matchroom how how instrumental do you think he has been in where pool is, and I don't mean the terrible place pool is I mean, the good place where bullies various metal. I've known for a few months that Luke was leaving. You know, basically, he relegated is duties to other people before the US open. Although he was involved in the planning stages back at the end of last year. Luke has been the frontman for match room on all these pool events Mosconi Cup world pool masters World Cup of pool. He's been the frontman and he's been like, the producer. Maybe he didn't. He didn't have the title of tournament director. But he was the producer. You know? Barry Hearn is the is the maestro of match sports, but he relegates responsibility to the right people. Now, he's basically Luke has been replaced by Emily Frazier. And that's her responsibility. Now. And there was there was never anybody that I know in pool that was better at organizing and event logistically than Luke, and he had a he has a really good nature about him. He he's quick laughing himself, and he gets people on his side. He gets he he he gets things done and they're gonna miss him. But when I talked to a couple of months, go about in retirement, he called me told me he was retiring and it took me by surprise. He said Jay I've been working for them for twenty five years. I didn't realize that Luke has been with mattress for twenty five years. And he was just ready to retire. You've been going to match events longer than I have. And he's always been there for as far back as I've been going. I met him over twenty years ago in the late nineties in Cardiff Wales. Well, I think you know, from what I've seen. It's it's he's left everything in in very capable hands. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Match room had a good staff of people as skysports had, you know, they're they're kind of two different arms that worked together they're joined to their they join forces to produce an event like this skysports is responsible for the television production and metros responsible for the for the tournament production, and they work well together because for the most part their people the the key people have been working together for years. I don't know if a lot of people were aware of that in America. It seems like for example, a CSI events. See us is responsible for everything tournament production streaming production everything, but you know, skysports knows what they're doing sky is who covers snooker in England. Isn't it? They cover snooker that cover darts. They do boxing. They do poker skysports is actually a larger network worldwide than ESPN. Oh, wow. Yeah. They're they're stuff goes all over the world. All right. Well, j I am not going to keep you any longer. I'd say I'm not going to keep you from the book. But apparently, you're not working on that. So I'll say that. I'm not gonna keep you from finding Dayton a venue for that event. Okay. Great. I joy talking to you, Mike. And and hopefully, we'll we'll see you down the road. Maybe at the world ten ball. Thanks, jay. Okay. Thank you Bye-bye. All right. That was j I was enjoying talking to Jay's a very Greg areas person. And he knows so much about the game. Hopefully this tournament that he's talking about will be will be something that he gets put together. And hopefully, I mean knowing shea lives in California. Hopefully, it'll be something out on the west coast. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see it. Take place in Vegas with everything that's going on out there. But again, I I don't know that for a fact, I'm just guessing. And like Jay said he'll have more details for as soon. So looking forward to hearing that that's the show this week. I'm not sure what we're going to have next week. The plan is to have show. Of course, the plan is always to have a show, but you know, two shows in a row here. So chances are let's let's say sixty forty that. We've gotta show next week. All right, everybody. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you listening, and Dave we are always thinking about you.

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